January 15th, 2010

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First week in the MTC!!

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Hola Familia!!

Hey everybody i miss you a lot but i love it at the MTC! btw mom i got your email and im glad you made it back safely!!i hope you enjoy the video of you losing your mind :) the first day was pretty discouraging because its like dad said, drinking out of a waterhose… Anyways I prayed a lot and Im feeling a lot more confident now about everything. You really gotta decide whether you’re gonna love it or hate it and bust your butt. Its awesome because we feel the spirit all the time because we me and my companion have been trying really hard to be obedient and always be learning something new whether it be spanish or the gospel. Speaking of which I am a Spanish genius. Jk but josh will get that. Ive actually gotten to see Tasha a lot, almost every day as a matter of fact. I bore my testimony to her in Spanish yesterday when i ran into her on the temple grounds. That was really cool. My and my companero have made it a goal to bear our testimony in spanish five times a day and ive been successful everyday! Today I bore it to a spanish native and she said my spanish is honestly mui bueno!! We’ve been setting a lot of goals short and long term and doing our best to accomplish them and it feels great. I can also already pray and i have the baptisimal prayer memorized in spanish along with a bunch of other random phrases. The MTC is so cool cuz you can schedule a time at this place called the TEC (teacher evaulation center) and your given a teacher who has a profile and you have to teach your lesson to adjust to their needs. Pretty much why PMG is used instead of the discussions. We already taught our first lesson and the teacher gave us some really good compliments but we also learned a bunch that we have been trying to apply. Also me and my companero have been trying really hard to SYL (speak your language) and we say hi to pretty much everyone. Im not gonna lie it was a lil annoying at first but im starting to enjoy it.  Also a big focus at the MTC is to have love unfeigned (D&C 121 cant remember the verse…) for one another. It can really make the difference when you pray to love those around you and your companion. Thats something ive been trying really hard to do cuz we all have our differences. Also once we realize as missionaries that there is no greater calling than to serve the Lord and apply our purpose as missionaries, its so much easier to do the work of the Lord.  Also my branch president is pretty much the coolest guy ever. He’s truly a man of the gospel he just knows what to say and when to say it like in my interview we had a really awesome converstation and he gave me one of the best compliments i have ever been given. He has the coolest stories ever like he’s buds with a couple of prophets and was the advisor to 3 presidents of the US. O yeah and i prayed in spanglish in priesthood meeting i was so nervous. Also we prepare talks every single week and they pick and random person in the zone to speak once we get to sacrament. It has to be as much as you can in spanish. I really love my district and my teachers and everything about this place. I miss and love you guys but i know this is where i am supposed to be.




Elder Singer