February 11th, 2010

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February 8th, 2010

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

February 8, 2010

Dear Family,

Sounds like everyone is doing good. Don’t worry about rushing the contacts, I’ve just been wearing my glasses cuz my contacts dry out so easy here but I’m looking forward to getting my new glasses. My shirts, I’ve been lifting a lot so I’m getting big, as in swoll, not fat, don’t worry. My shirts don’t fit as well and I’m probably shrinking them in the laundry, but I believe I’m doing it right…? The shoes were hurting read bad, but one of the guys who was in the district was heading out gave me his slippers and so I shoved them inside my shoes and now my shoes fit. The boots fit too.

Mom, I was thinking about your lesson about families and I guess I could just tell you something significant I’ve learned how important it is to love like Christ loves us. Thomas S. Monson said in one of the Mormon messages, don’t make a problem to be solved more important than a person to be loved. Also with my comp, I’ve really tried to apply the Christlike attributes and I’m looking for ways to serve him. When you are service minded and you learn to love everyone you come in contact with, things just seem to fall into place because the Lord is blessing you for your efforts. Another good quote is to make an effort to be Christlike so much that people who don’t even know Christ want to get to know him just because of your example and your love for him. Just another spiritual side note, the scriptures I’ve really enjoyed and tried to study and apply are D&C 6:39 and 34:34. They’re way good. Read em. The stuff I was saying has really helped our companionship. The last two days I’ve made his bed and he didn’t even realize it and this morning he said, “ I don’t remember making my bed…did you?” I just shrugged my shoulders and kept reading. It was funny. Something way awesome about doing service without the person knowing is that the only person that the can thanks is God. That’s what makes anonymous service so special is that you don’t take any credit and you let God take it all. Pretty cool huh? When you truly forget yourself and serve others the day goes by so much easier so I think you could apply that somehow to families.:)

Dad, I think it is so funny that you said something about Groundhog Day cuz Elder Hinckley talked to us at a devo about how to make your mission so its NOT like Groundhog Day. He gave us 6 points on how to do that but I don’t have time to get them, it’s in my notes but basically lose yourself, be obedient, have fun while being obedient etc. It was very good. He is a lot like his father. I’ve been reading The Greatest Salesman. It says it is so important that we create good habits and productive habits and become a slave to those good habits.

I really like the letter from Megan! Have her email me via dearelder also so I can read it beforehand. I always write an outline beforehand but it sounds like she’s doing great with swimming and tell her not to worry about solo and ensemble.

I was thinking since people ask you questions all the time I would challenge our family to study the lessons in Chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel. I wish I knew it as well as I do now. Back in high school, I could have explained stuff so much more effectively. It’s really the gospel in a perfect nutshell. PMG is awesome BTW. I really want to finish Believing Christ. I’ve just been studying so much I feel like I want to just sit down and read all the standard works!

I was just gonna say at the MTC we can set up appointments to have a progressing investigator at the Teaching Evaluation Center and it’s all role play (we say real play) and we’ve almost got this guy committed to baptism! I can’t wait to do this for real in the field It’s gonna be great! The MTC is way awesome though. The guys in my district are all awesome and we’re all bonding. We have a lot of fun. I’ll have to send some pictures sometime with my memory card.

BTW, we go to the Provo temple and a session every pday morning. The Provo temple is pretty big and way pretty. Every Sunday after Sac meeting we go walk around the temple too and take cool pics to put on FB in two years. Speaking of Sac meeting, I bore my testimony in espanol and I tried to say everything I knew and I said more than I thought I could…. Spanish is coming along pretty well.


Elder Singer