February 18th, 2010

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Hey Everyone!

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Hey Everyone!
How are yall doin? I miss you guys a ton! I’m sure hope everything is going well! I wont be able to say a whole ton about my dear elder today cuz i have to read it during my 30 min time limit cuz its pres day and the mailroom is closed. o well. anyways, the mtc is great! we taught in spanish for our trc appoinment for the first time and it was really cool. i was amazed at how much i could say! i was teaching and explaining and answering questions in spanish! it was such a cool experience! I knew i wasn’t doing it alone. o yeah josh i wrote you a letter so you can be expecting it soon. thank you guys so much for the v-day stuff! that was way awesome! i loved all of the hearts and stuff on em. nice one dad. thats all im gonna say haha. but yeah thanks for all the candy n stuff im gonna have to share cuz its so much! dad i heard they took “come thou fount” out of the hymnal because people would sing it too much. seriously. we had some down time and we figured out how to say: “hola, mi nombre es inigo montoya. te mataste mi padre: prepara morir” i think thats mostly right but our teacher said its a lil off but we thought it was funny. Can yall give me derek’s address? he wrote me like 2 months ago but he was leavin in like 2 days so i couldnt write him back. could yall tell his parents to tell him i wanna write him back? thanks. o yeah so holy cow. My branch pres and his counselor took that team i told you about 3 weeks ago to haiti and he’s back and he said the people there are suffering really bad and its just terrible over there. he said he saw some unspeakable things. Bro worthington the counselor is a contracter and he went to determine which buildings were still stable and he said that the earthquake wasn’t that bad just everything is poorly constructed there and they dont use rebar they use just steel poles and when they’re moved it just slides right out of the concrete, = disaster. That instantly made me think of heleman 5:12 and how important it is that we build a sure foundation. We are all pretty much in tears the whole sacrament meeting and after i felt guilty for having 3 square meals a day and a bed to sleep on. I dont have time to tell all the stories they told but they were pretty incredible… After Pres Studdert said “i dont wanna hear any complaints cuz all of yours are stupid. Your worst day ever is better than their best day ever.” It was kinda funny but at the same time i’d say the adivce was taken well. I wish i could go help those people but they cant use just any hands. they have nothing no infastructure and they’re starting from the ground up. Anyways im not sure why i didnt get a weekly email from dad to see whats goin on but it was nice to see that josh and mom wrote me. can yall send me tasha’s letter via dear elder? i dont have time to read all that… o yeah so from other sources it seems to me that yall arent weeding out as much as i thought yall would like my dimensions and such… o well. dad really random churchy people could be reading this and think im some nut case of a missionary. that might be funny though. o yeah speaking of my dimensions, mom im just talkin bout regular pday shirts i need regular ol saturday shirts or something its all good. o yeah thanks for the stomach stuff haha its been mas o menus mostly up until like 2 days ago… o yeah back to the haiti people stuff i was gonna encourage yall to find a way to donate or something they need all they can get. im doin way good btw with not getting discouraged and workin hard. this last week has been pretty sweet. Ive started reading Believing Chirst and Our Search for Happiness. Both very very good. i recommend them to anyone and everyone. to answer your question about layover and calls im sure ill have plenty of time to call durin layovers and what not. like so much time, i talked to a missionary thats goin to argentina tomorrow and he has like 30-40 hours worth of travel time its insane. O yeah josh did i say anything about how insane your wrestling stuff was? holy cow. it sounds crazy over there. im gonna be honest im glad im not there at the moment thats just absolutely ridiculous. Sorry bout the parking stuff. that sucks man. you got one more year left though. O and you’ll love byu efy. BYU is the bomb i love it. how’s fam/personal scrip study comin along btw? and mom its ok if dad takes time to explain stuff i read this thing about bruce r. mckonckie (however you spell it) and thats what he did. did you know he rewrote the BOM in his own words verse by verse and cross referenced every verse??? thats pretty incredible if you ask me, talk about desire. Mom and Dad were yall there (listening) to his final testimony right before he died? just wonderin. Ill send you guys my SD card soon ive taken a bunch and ordered some prints via book store. How are the olympics btw? Go USA. Speaking of international type stuff we met with the Argentine consul. I answered one of his questions and i was able to say the answer with a good accent and he asked where im from. im pretty sure he thinks im some sorta native or somethin. the tongan elders hear ask me if i have tongan in me its funny it makes me feel cool. Josh every time i wear my the tie you gave me i get a compliment. literally everytime no joke. i said the prayer last night at the fireside it was so scary. the big ugly security guard came up to me and said ” have you ever prayed in front of 2000 people before?” (i said no) he said “just close your eyes its not so bad” it was funny. but yeah im about outta time. i love you guys and miss you. thank you for all your love, support, and prayers. I always feel like i need to tell yall somethin else but im workin hard and i love what im doin!

Elder Singer