February 24th, 2010

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February 22, 2010

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

hey everyone! ok this last hour has been pretty stressful and all i just received all of ya’lls stuff like 30 min ago and I’m looking at my journal the last week and 10 plus papers of dear elder… so yeah. Anyways it sounds like everyone is doing well and that no one was actually on Josh’s face. What a relief. I thought that was super funny though! o yeah while im remembering it, save the church news from feb 20th. the guy in there Brother Studdert that they quote and have pictures of is so awesome. That guy is my branch pres the one that ive been tellin you bout haiti n stuff its insane. Will yall save that for me? thanks. and im pretty sure the guy who’s in the picture on the right page is doin the jerk haha. So me and clark have been talkin a lot its great to see him. o and just for anyone who decides to email or send anything to my email. Please do it via dear elder for the sake of the blinking red timer in the corner of my screen. Josh it sounds like everything is well. Keep gettin swoll but you still got a lot of catchin up to do. I was impressed when you told me how much you were lifting. O and i was thinkin make sure you get a sufficient amnt of sleep cuz it really affects how easily/quickly you can build muscle trust me. Dear elder me again this week before thurs and ill write you back this monday. Megan it sounds like your doin great! congrats on your first scripture mastery! thats more than i ever did! jk, i did more i promise… but yeah it sounds like bro evans is a sweet teacher. o yeah dad thanks for the church lessons n stuff. i was actually reading about the abrahamic cov and the law of moses the other day. i decided after i learn spanish and i have more time to read im gonna read the bible dictionary along with the standard works. its actually really interesting. Mom i got the brownies thanks :) Did you send the glasses yet? im lookin forward to it. could you tell gma and gpa how to use dear elder if they dont know how cuz they emailed me but i dont really have time to reply.  I heard about that austrailian lds snowboard chick and what she said about being modest or whatever. thats pretty awesome. are yall not supposed to give me a political update? cuz i sure could use one. yeah dad i laughed pretty hard at your valentine it was way funny. o and yeah dad ive been studyin 2 ne 2 cuz we’re teaching POS (Plan of Salvation) in spanish this weekend its some good stuff but ive been studyin 2 ne 4 w/ nephi’s lament and how he puts his trust in the Lord and then D n C 121. good stuff. Also ive been inspired to carry around a lil notebook with spiritual impressions. you guys should try it, its a good way to chart your spiritual progress and helps you recall things that you need to know. also i carry another lil notebook where i write down spanish words i learn. i pack em in there so it looks like another language. but im realizing how important writing stuff down is. remember an unwritten goal is just a wish. o yeah dad im almost done with Our Search for Happiness because its apart of the assigned reading list and i can only read Believing Christ in my room cuz its not on the reading list. whatever. im about halfway w/ that one too. Sounds like Tasha is doin great too! i wish i had more time. When you guys forward stuff of hers to me and you spread the type out so i dont get it in like 3 letters? thanks. sorry this letter feels lame but today has been really insane.  o yeah i laughed really hard when i found out that tasha fell down the stairs i just couldn’t help it. hopefully yall got my pics and the shot refund thingy by now. but im outta time.

love you guys and thank you so much for all the support

love elder singer