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March 22nd, 2010

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

President and Sister Northcutt and Nate.

President & Sister Northcutt with Elder Singer

Wow so it took me forever to read everyone´s emails and stuff so i dont have a whole lotta time but i have so much to tell! im gonna start off by answering questions. ok my comp is good he´s our district leader so yeah and he´s from chile his name is elder perez and he´s been baptized for 4 years and he´s really good. he speaks decent enough english so we communicate decently but i try only to speak spanish to him. but yeah we´re pretty different but we get along really good. ive been understanding more and more every day so thats good. it helps so i can understand and joke with em some. we´re supposed to just give you the mission home address and we have this thing called the bolsa and they send it in that to me so dont worry about direct mail but its Argentina Salta mission, Los Ecaliptus 75, 4400 Salta, Argentina Salta. its more efficient this way. and im not sure what package from elder johnson… was it all my letters in stuff? i asked elder thomson to send some stuff to yall… but yeah whatever. and dad im pretty sure people arent allowed to come visit me. but yeah im in concepcion and apparently our area is one of the biggest and most difficult in the mission, its what other missionaries have been sayin about it. idk why but the people seem lazy and every time they fall through on committments they make up an excuse and let me tell you ive gotten very good at understanding excuses in spanish. its funny cuz they can always think up somethin.  yes i shower every day and we do have a church building. Its really small but its a building nonetheless and its frustrating cuz we spend a lot of time visting less actives and as my comp says “we drop the cane” on them in a nice but stern way. We showed up at church and 10 people were there but by the end there were like 35. The gospel is so simple with the fact that obey = happy/blessings and disobey = unhappy/no blessings and some people just dont believe it cuz when they choose to disobey, they´re lacking that faith. thats why in order for faith to grow we have to have a trial and ive been studyin Ether 12 there is so much good stuff in there. when we teach and contact people you can just tell that everyone is searching for that greater light to fill that need that everyone has and everyone tries to find other things to bring them happiness but the only way we can ever experience true eternal happiness is through the Gospel and our faith in Jesus Christ and i feel so blessed to have that in my life. Read proverbs 3: 5,6 and mosiah 3:19. my teacher at the mtc said somethin profound that you gotta give up a lot of stuff if you really wanna be the best missionary/person you can be. its not always what the world sees as fun but the blessings and the light we can recieve from giving up whatever thing we´re holding on to and put all of our trust in the Lord and ive been thinkin a lot about that this week.  yes i have a filter. o dont use fedex for some reason argentina hates fedex. i gotta tell yall more about argentina though, there are horribly crazy drivers and there´s no sense of right of way and its more like every man for them self and sometimes we take lil taxis called remises and thats always an adventure. a lot of people have like mini motorcycles cuz they´re too poor to have a car. i held a parrot on my arm yesterday that was exciting at a less active´s house! o yeah i think this is pretty funny i tell them i did luchalibre (wrestling) in highschool and im pretty sure they think im like nacho libre its super funny cuz this one member always talks about it around me. Like the other day we were walkin and these dumb kids started throwin really hard orange lookin fruits at us that we´re really hard and i got pretty mad cuz they came back like 2 times but we talked to em and they said we´re robbing the city and then they started following us and then elder perez yelled at em to come here and they ran off. then we told the story to some members and i said i wanted to kick their butts but imma missionary and the guy was like yeah luchalibre!! it was way funny. the other day we tought a lesson and this one lady every time i start talkin gives me this look like what´re you tryin to say you crazy gringo and when we were walkin out of her gate she said “hable mejor” to me which means speak better! o yeah this was a cool experience we were knockin doors and we found some people who got baptized 12 years ago and went completely inactive and we talked about the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and i dont think it was by chance we ended up there. i said the prayer and during the prayer their cat planted its nails into my leg  and pretty much jumped into my bowed head so that was fun. o yeah remember the crazy old guy? i feel bad for him he´s really poor and lives with a younger bro who doesn´t ever help him and just listens to the radio for 4 hours every night in the dark and we found out that he doesnt have good enough glasses to read but he still isnt understand a whole lot. im workin on finding him a cheap pair of reading glasses or a magnifying glass… idk i really wanna help this guy yesterday was difficult cuz there was a big soccer game and everyone was drunk and was like ehhhh los mormones!!! a member told me my fav team should be river plate of argentina so i guess thats it. last wednesday we showed the restoration movie at the church and invited a bunch of people but not a whole lot came so that was a lil discouraging but im doin good dont worry. we both bore our testimonies after and that was a pretty special experience. we´ve taught the 1st lesson a whole bunch again but its difficult to have them all progress but somethin we have to practice like Tasha was talkin about was the good better best thing and you always gotta be lookin for what to do that is best. well im outta time. i love you all and i pray for you and tell grandma i hope she´s doin alright and im prayin for her.
Love Elder Singer

March 15, 2010

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Hey everyone!
Well i arrived in Argentina on a rather couple of flights but hey i arrived! man it is so different here right now im in the back corner of this computer place and there is like spanish writing all over the place. i´d say the place im serving in is definitely 3rd world. o yeah mom this made me laugh, when you said i had a gringo comp, gringo means they´re white haha im a gringo my comp he’s from chile but luckily he speaks some english. but yeah anyways so to start off i had been wearing the same clothes that i put on when i left the mtc until friday cuz the luggage with my stuff was forgotten in who knows where and yeah that was lovely. ive kinda stopped caring about some of the stuff i used to care about hygene wise, you gotta adapt. for instance, for napkins at this one members house we all just wipe our mouths or hands on the table cloth. o yeah and at these peoples house they have 2 g. pigs (along with like 20 dogs) and the dad loves them and kisses them he´s super funny and one of my fav members!  sorry everyone im not sure where to start so much has happened! but yeah its weird cuz no one speaks english but we try to visit a couple of less actives every day and a couple of the dads have said like 2 english words and they think they´re so cool its so funny. anyways, i took 5 airplanes and 2 buses to get to my area and its really cool here. definitley 3rd world. these people are so humble and the members are so funny and have good attitudes. every time i tell em im from houston they say like the rocket ships! its so hard to understand em here too, but i get a little bit better every day. and they dont speak spanish according to them they speak castellano (casteshano) and they are very proud of that. nobody likes the people from bunenos aires outside of the city they have all kinds of names for em like porteños. but yeah my city is called concepción and its pretty darn poor. for a lot of the houses we´ve been to, just about when you walk in the front door, you walk in the back door. the members say really funny stuff to me also, they always have goofy questions to ask like this kid asked me about hollywood but it sounded like julilo. another sister called me clark kent. one of the guys in the ward asked if i was gonna take an argentine woman back home with me haha i said no. and they´re really open about stuff, like in my fam picture apparently i look fatter and so the sister we were eating with like got up and got a good side look of me! they really like to joke though and pretty much all day people laugh cuz i say wrong things (but they say if you dont look like an idiot then your not tryin hard enough) or sound funny. sometimes they´ll think im completely clueless though like this one kid was pointing at me and laughing “he doesn´t understand!” and it was actually pretty funny. also argentines have one big meal a day and we talk for forever about who knows what. i can tell when they´re talkin about me. after they have like a 2 to 3 ish hour nap time called the ciesta and it is heavily practiced in my city so thats when we go study. its hard to understand cuz they leave out all of their s´s and shush a lot of stuff. there are dogs EVERYWHERE, there are like at least 3 dogs in everyones house and then they´re all over the street and some of em have like giant who knows what growing on them its pretty sick. but yeah its actually really fun.  anyways, sorry there´s so much to tell but so little time, but yeah spiritual stuff, like the second people i talked to were 2 plumbers and the said they would like us to come by! it was funny cuz i asked em where they worked and i said ok bueno like i knew what he was talkin about and he then asked how to say that in english and i said idk and then they started makin fun of me it was really funny. another lady said she believed in Jesus but she didnt believe right now it was funny. we´ve actually taught the first lesson a couple of times and its been a special experience like we´ve found a couple of guys who just let us in and they seem real interested, but we´ll see, we´re gonna go back to one of em today. its hard to get people to go to church though cuz argentine people in general just like to relax, like our city has enough people for 2 wards but we only have 1 branch with about 30 to 40 people every week. o yeah this was super funny. some crazy old guy talked to me at church for like 5 min and i have no idea what he was sayin so i just nod and smile. he´s had the first lesson taught to him 3 times and doesnt retain any of it but he says he wants to be baptized. my comp said he comes every week for the last month and has no idea whats goin on but just asked the missionaries where church was and now he just shows up. next week im introducing my self in church and im really excited. they really like having the missionaries over and its hard cuz a lot of em just wanna talk about stuff. dad that sounded like a real special experience with that guy on the plane. thats way cool. o yeah and about packaging and what not, im not sure what we´re gonna do about my camera charger but im gonna need it eventually… ive been writing in my journal every day so hopefully you´ll get to hear all of my fun stories.  and dont have a whole lotta time left and sorry my letters are probably so confusing i forgot to write an outline but yeah overall i love the mission and love the 3rd world country life and its so fun to serve these people who have so little. i loved talkin to yall on monday and i hope all is well ill be prayin for you!
Elder Singer

week 8

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Hey family!! How’s everyone doing?? im doin real good n stuff i got the letters from the kids today and that was real nice! im gonna reply to y’alls letters tonight handwritten and im gonna send my P. blessing with that stuff. i have a copy just i gotta send the original home. ok so the reason everyone is gettin different emails is cuz myldsmail like teamed up with gmail so it looks way similar. you’ll notice they allowed me to get onto my gmail for like all of 5 seconds if you get on it. alright im gonna just start answerin questions. ok i have the calender. the contacts work well, im not sure which eye is which so i just kinda guessed. could you tell me? idk my eye prescription and i prob have that paper i just cant find it. i can print pics here so dont worry about that just send me back my SD card and we’re cool. the frame thingy? i prob have no room but idk for sure. o thank you so much for the package everyone! i loved all the stuff and ive already eaten all the girlscout cookies which were delicious. o im not sure why my sd card was hangin out cuz i wrapped that letter in tape. who knows. mom did some lady call you from the mtc? they called me in to tell me i ordered contacts and i was just like uh… my mom did?? it was weird, once again, who knows. It sounds like Tasha is doin great, im jealous she gets to work with real investigators, my fake one’s baptism was last saturday! and we committed him to marrying the woman he was living with the day before. it was way fun. mom dont worry about a backpack, i actually bought one today for like 30 bucks wasn’t bad cuz its pretty nice. funny story i left an apple in my other backpack for 3 weeks and i got rotten apple juice on it and there’s a lil mold? could i just cut it out or should i toss it? OHHHHH!! i got my travel plans!!! its startin to feel like im really on a mission now cuz the field is so close! i cant wait! ok so i have a layover in dallas (dont try to come see me) from 12 to 215 and then one in miami from 550 to 9. this is on the 8th of march! ill arrive in buenos aires at 8 am the next morning! im so pumped to go! Oh yeah! my teacher in our interview committed me to speaking only spanish for the rest of my time here and its been tough but im learning a whole lot! im not sure why but everything is funnier in spanish! but i do get a lil english in here and there especially for the people who dont know any spanish. everyone thinks im somethin other than white its funny. o yeah dad what did you and mac talk about so much??  i was talkin to these Elders and i asked them if they had seen the rap and i told them who i was in it and they (from their memory) recognized me from it, it was funny. did i say just fix the spacing on tasha’s letters just so they dont come as 3 dear elders?? thanks for the shirts too but i think i may have to send one or 2 home and maybe some other stuff, making the 50 lbs each back is gonna be tough.  o yeah thanks for the church news’ n stuff, it was very thoughtful… but i need the one w/ pres studdert. seriously he is the man. he was on the committee w/ 3 other apostles and a couple of other people i believe bro bott and in the writing the white handbook and PMG. but yeah he was all involved in haiti if you dont wanna send it to me just save it. the thing you put our address on??… are we moving? anyways i cant believe im about to leave the MTC, its an interesting sensation because you feel that you just got here when at the same time you’ve been here for FOREVER. which i have. ive started reading the BOM in Spanish so thats cool. Can you guys give me a lil politics update? I heard somethin about al gore gettin sued and my heart kinda skipped a beat haha. i heard 2 people died in Salta from the earthquake in Chile 8.8! thats insane. Here’s my spiritually comment for you guys, ok first study what Psalms 126:5 means… i think thats it. and a guy in our branch presidency said somethin real profound somethin like when you take the first step on the wrong path be prepared to face the last step w/ the consequence on the path you chose to take. It was really good but im runnin short of time but i love and miss you guys and ill call you soon!!


Elder Singer

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