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March 15, 2010

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Hey everyone!
Well i arrived in Argentina on a rather couple of flights but hey i arrived! man it is so different here right now im in the back corner of this computer place and there is like spanish writing all over the place. i´d say the place im serving in is definitely 3rd world. o yeah mom this made me laugh, when you said i had a gringo comp, gringo means they´re white haha im a gringo my comp he’s from chile but luckily he speaks some english. but yeah anyways so to start off i had been wearing the same clothes that i put on when i left the mtc until friday cuz the luggage with my stuff was forgotten in who knows where and yeah that was lovely. ive kinda stopped caring about some of the stuff i used to care about hygene wise, you gotta adapt. for instance, for napkins at this one members house we all just wipe our mouths or hands on the table cloth. o yeah and at these peoples house they have 2 g. pigs (along with like 20 dogs) and the dad loves them and kisses them he´s super funny and one of my fav members!  sorry everyone im not sure where to start so much has happened! but yeah its weird cuz no one speaks english but we try to visit a couple of less actives every day and a couple of the dads have said like 2 english words and they think they´re so cool its so funny. anyways, i took 5 airplanes and 2 buses to get to my area and its really cool here. definitley 3rd world. these people are so humble and the members are so funny and have good attitudes. every time i tell em im from houston they say like the rocket ships! its so hard to understand em here too, but i get a little bit better every day. and they dont speak spanish according to them they speak castellano (casteshano) and they are very proud of that. nobody likes the people from bunenos aires outside of the city they have all kinds of names for em like porteños. but yeah my city is called concepción and its pretty darn poor. for a lot of the houses we´ve been to, just about when you walk in the front door, you walk in the back door. the members say really funny stuff to me also, they always have goofy questions to ask like this kid asked me about hollywood but it sounded like julilo. another sister called me clark kent. one of the guys in the ward asked if i was gonna take an argentine woman back home with me haha i said no. and they´re really open about stuff, like in my fam picture apparently i look fatter and so the sister we were eating with like got up and got a good side look of me! they really like to joke though and pretty much all day people laugh cuz i say wrong things (but they say if you dont look like an idiot then your not tryin hard enough) or sound funny. sometimes they´ll think im completely clueless though like this one kid was pointing at me and laughing “he doesn´t understand!” and it was actually pretty funny. also argentines have one big meal a day and we talk for forever about who knows what. i can tell when they´re talkin about me. after they have like a 2 to 3 ish hour nap time called the ciesta and it is heavily practiced in my city so thats when we go study. its hard to understand cuz they leave out all of their s´s and shush a lot of stuff. there are dogs EVERYWHERE, there are like at least 3 dogs in everyones house and then they´re all over the street and some of em have like giant who knows what growing on them its pretty sick. but yeah its actually really fun.  anyways, sorry there´s so much to tell but so little time, but yeah spiritual stuff, like the second people i talked to were 2 plumbers and the said they would like us to come by! it was funny cuz i asked em where they worked and i said ok bueno like i knew what he was talkin about and he then asked how to say that in english and i said idk and then they started makin fun of me it was really funny. another lady said she believed in Jesus but she didnt believe right now it was funny. we´ve actually taught the first lesson a couple of times and its been a special experience like we´ve found a couple of guys who just let us in and they seem real interested, but we´ll see, we´re gonna go back to one of em today. its hard to get people to go to church though cuz argentine people in general just like to relax, like our city has enough people for 2 wards but we only have 1 branch with about 30 to 40 people every week. o yeah this was super funny. some crazy old guy talked to me at church for like 5 min and i have no idea what he was sayin so i just nod and smile. he´s had the first lesson taught to him 3 times and doesnt retain any of it but he says he wants to be baptized. my comp said he comes every week for the last month and has no idea whats goin on but just asked the missionaries where church was and now he just shows up. next week im introducing my self in church and im really excited. they really like having the missionaries over and its hard cuz a lot of em just wanna talk about stuff. dad that sounded like a real special experience with that guy on the plane. thats way cool. o yeah and about packaging and what not, im not sure what we´re gonna do about my camera charger but im gonna need it eventually… ive been writing in my journal every day so hopefully you´ll get to hear all of my fun stories.  and dont have a whole lotta time left and sorry my letters are probably so confusing i forgot to write an outline but yeah overall i love the mission and love the 3rd world country life and its so fun to serve these people who have so little. i loved talkin to yall on monday and i hope all is well ill be prayin for you!
Elder Singer