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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

President and Sister Northcutt and Nate.

President & Sister Northcutt with Elder Singer

Wow so it took me forever to read everyone´s emails and stuff so i dont have a whole lotta time but i have so much to tell! im gonna start off by answering questions. ok my comp is good he´s our district leader so yeah and he´s from chile his name is elder perez and he´s been baptized for 4 years and he´s really good. he speaks decent enough english so we communicate decently but i try only to speak spanish to him. but yeah we´re pretty different but we get along really good. ive been understanding more and more every day so thats good. it helps so i can understand and joke with em some. we´re supposed to just give you the mission home address and we have this thing called the bolsa and they send it in that to me so dont worry about direct mail but its Argentina Salta mission, Los Ecaliptus 75, 4400 Salta, Argentina Salta. its more efficient this way. and im not sure what package from elder johnson… was it all my letters in stuff? i asked elder thomson to send some stuff to yall… but yeah whatever. and dad im pretty sure people arent allowed to come visit me. but yeah im in concepcion and apparently our area is one of the biggest and most difficult in the mission, its what other missionaries have been sayin about it. idk why but the people seem lazy and every time they fall through on committments they make up an excuse and let me tell you ive gotten very good at understanding excuses in spanish. its funny cuz they can always think up somethin.  yes i shower every day and we do have a church building. Its really small but its a building nonetheless and its frustrating cuz we spend a lot of time visting less actives and as my comp says “we drop the cane” on them in a nice but stern way. We showed up at church and 10 people were there but by the end there were like 35. The gospel is so simple with the fact that obey = happy/blessings and disobey = unhappy/no blessings and some people just dont believe it cuz when they choose to disobey, they´re lacking that faith. thats why in order for faith to grow we have to have a trial and ive been studyin Ether 12 there is so much good stuff in there. when we teach and contact people you can just tell that everyone is searching for that greater light to fill that need that everyone has and everyone tries to find other things to bring them happiness but the only way we can ever experience true eternal happiness is through the Gospel and our faith in Jesus Christ and i feel so blessed to have that in my life. Read proverbs 3: 5,6 and mosiah 3:19. my teacher at the mtc said somethin profound that you gotta give up a lot of stuff if you really wanna be the best missionary/person you can be. its not always what the world sees as fun but the blessings and the light we can recieve from giving up whatever thing we´re holding on to and put all of our trust in the Lord and ive been thinkin a lot about that this week.  yes i have a filter. o dont use fedex for some reason argentina hates fedex. i gotta tell yall more about argentina though, there are horribly crazy drivers and there´s no sense of right of way and its more like every man for them self and sometimes we take lil taxis called remises and thats always an adventure. a lot of people have like mini motorcycles cuz they´re too poor to have a car. i held a parrot on my arm yesterday that was exciting at a less active´s house! o yeah i think this is pretty funny i tell them i did luchalibre (wrestling) in highschool and im pretty sure they think im like nacho libre its super funny cuz this one member always talks about it around me. Like the other day we were walkin and these dumb kids started throwin really hard orange lookin fruits at us that we´re really hard and i got pretty mad cuz they came back like 2 times but we talked to em and they said we´re robbing the city and then they started following us and then elder perez yelled at em to come here and they ran off. then we told the story to some members and i said i wanted to kick their butts but imma missionary and the guy was like yeah luchalibre!! it was way funny. the other day we tought a lesson and this one lady every time i start talkin gives me this look like what´re you tryin to say you crazy gringo and when we were walkin out of her gate she said “hable mejor” to me which means speak better! o yeah this was a cool experience we were knockin doors and we found some people who got baptized 12 years ago and went completely inactive and we talked about the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and i dont think it was by chance we ended up there. i said the prayer and during the prayer their cat planted its nails into my leg  and pretty much jumped into my bowed head so that was fun. o yeah remember the crazy old guy? i feel bad for him he´s really poor and lives with a younger bro who doesn´t ever help him and just listens to the radio for 4 hours every night in the dark and we found out that he doesnt have good enough glasses to read but he still isnt understand a whole lot. im workin on finding him a cheap pair of reading glasses or a magnifying glass… idk i really wanna help this guy yesterday was difficult cuz there was a big soccer game and everyone was drunk and was like ehhhh los mormones!!! a member told me my fav team should be river plate of argentina so i guess thats it. last wednesday we showed the restoration movie at the church and invited a bunch of people but not a whole lot came so that was a lil discouraging but im doin good dont worry. we both bore our testimonies after and that was a pretty special experience. we´ve taught the 1st lesson a whole bunch again but its difficult to have them all progress but somethin we have to practice like Tasha was talkin about was the good better best thing and you always gotta be lookin for what to do that is best. well im outta time. i love you all and i pray for you and tell grandma i hope she´s doin alright and im prayin for her.
Love Elder Singer