April 4th, 2010

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Sunday, April 4th, 2010
Hey everyone!
Ok. so i wrote up a good paragraph earlier and it got erased so hopefully ill be able to remember i said everything i said. We had to go drop off a missionary to get some papers worked out in Salta and save it but now im startin over. o well. Anyways… it sounds like dad your havin a good time in hawaii and you do look a lot skinnier, your neck is gone! Mom thanks for the letter, dont worry about money and stuff i only take out a bunch at a time and in particular now cuz the first month in the mission they dont give the missionaries a whole lot of money and the exchange is pretty nice for Americans here. estoy un poco rico aca :) sounds like the womens conference thing was nice thanks for the letter btw megan i really enjoyed it! mom said the concert was great btw… you said that mom thought differently haha… but yeah its ok that your honest. But yeah stay in band cuz your actually good at it! The place im typing my letter is playing tengo la camisa negra right now!!!… and they played the other mexican song i know right after, la vidas un carnival or somethin… crazy… im kinda worried about grandma she doesnt sound to good to be honest… but she´s in my prayers i hope everything is alright. and mom you asked about my apt, well, its pretty decent compared to most of the others is what the other missionaries have said too that its nice. we have an wall thing with a open top washer thing and then to dry we have this thing that spins around and the water is squeezed out of the clothes and then we hang em. when i first got there i kinda went into dad mode and i was thinking what… people live here?? so we spent like 3 hours of my first p day cleaning. we have an oven and a stove and we only use it to cook eggs pretty much. there´s all kinds of old junk everywhere and ive found some pretty good books. ive been reading as much as i can. in the mission we´ve started reading the Book of Mormon searching for all references to Christ and doctrines of Christ and scripture study is so much more effective when you are constantly searching to get something out of your scripture study. I also found this book from a missionary called remember the promise in like 2001 and its really good. sometimes if we use too much water, we run out. like today for example, it ran out during my comps shower and… his was first. but its ok cuz i filled up 4 6 liter jugs to lift weights with and so we can flush for the day and i could splash a lil bit on me but its all good. o yeah tell Jeff Burger thank you so much for the letter it was quite a surprise to hear from him and im glad he´s doin well. for gen conference i think i can sit alone in some room in our chapel and watch it in English and im really excited for this session! ok so there´s somethin i gotta tell yall, only use us postal service to send stuff and nothing else and they open everything so if you need to send electronics you need to disguise them. like so: put the item inside of a plastic bag in peanut butter and smooth over the top. or, in a bag in side the cereal like the toys and  glue the bag and the box closed cuz they charge you for whats inside of the box. does my visa card need to be internationally activated? im not really sure but could yall let me know and its ok if it charges 5 bucks for now cuz of what i said earlier. this week i held a pidgeon in my hands and a parrot on my shoulders. people treat their animals so bad here but it was kinda funny this guy grabbed his cat by the skull and threw it. and they slap their cats off of tables …they´re nuts. this week was exciting too cuz i got to go on an exchange with Elder Rose. He´s a really cool guy and he gave me a bunch of advice and about how you can always learn somethin from your companion no matter what they´re like. it was nice to speak english for a bit. in his city there are gypsies and they´re crazy and they´ll say you have bad fortune and they wont take it away unless you give them money and the men just steal cars and sell them. They all live in tents so they were legit gypsies. The city we were in i cant remember what its called but it has the world record for the highest amount of alcohol consumption per person. We visited Tucuman again for a while cuz of my Comp had an ear appt and apparently its the most dangerous city in our mission. O yeah, because my comp is the district leader, i get to go to a different area every week on an exchange while he stays with the other senior comp so i get a lil area change up and experience with dif missionaries so thats fun. I feel like Spanish has gotten better im havin more and more thoughts in Spanish and i set some mission goals and one was to stop speakin english unless its to ask a question for spanish. We have this investigator, she promised to come to church and she didnt the next day… so idk its just i feel like we cant blindly trust that they´re keeping committments just cuz we only have so many investigators. and we wanna work with what we have. and then the other thing that is bothering me is that people have labled my area as “a tough area” so they like limit themselves. like even the members say it to us but we have to believe that the field is white. we went to this family the other day and they just seemed so ready to receive the gospel ive been praying that they will pray. we found a magnifying glass for adolfo to read with, with a light built on it, and it was so exciting cuz he could actually read the scriptures now! he´s still not understanding very much but i guess he realizes it now cuz we had a member present and i think he was embarrassed that he had like a bad memory but i tried to reassure him that it was ok. i think Tasha would really love this old guy. he´s way funny. Before we were walking here this guy im pretty sure who was completely gone on something he was chewing coca leaves (yes thats what cocaine is processed from) spewing out of his mouth and i didnt get one word from what he said and he did this weird eye ball popping thing to me for like 3 seconds and then ran off. i cant even explain it but it was hilarious. In that book i found there´s a quote about Christ and temptation and how when we resist it strengthens us and Christ understands resisting temptation better than anyone because he was perfect. My MTC branch pres told us a quote i think its by CS lewis and its like he who swims with the current or against it, who knows the current better? and another was like we have to walk into the winds of temptation side by side with Christ and not let the wind blow us away. somethin like that. But yeah this week was good but i gotta go now. I love you guys and thanks for all of your support and prayers!
Elder Singer
Addendum: i was gonna say we had an opportunity to give 2 blessings for the sick. i had no idea and suddenly for one of em, we were at the hospital, it was crazy.