April 5th, 2010

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Dear Family!

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Dear Family,

So this week has been rather slow, its Semana Santa or Holy week but yeah its rough cuz they are either sleeping or drinking all day and the city is completely dead and everyone had bad numbers. It was also kinda crazy cuz i was in a 3 some for a couple of days with my comp and Elder Rose. Its nice to ask him questions cuz hes like a spanish and english dictionary not just spanish. it wasn´t too fun though cuz they would talk to each other and  i would just kinda listen cuz i cant quite think quickly enough to lend to a decent conversation but i figure with time ill be up there with them. I think ive been gettin a little impatient with myself though just cuz the fact that my brain is trying to make the transition from thinking and speaking in spanish rather than english and because what i know is limited in spanish and its the only thing on my mind it makes me feel less intelligent to put it nicely. But yeah its gettin better ive been writing down every new word i learn and speaking a lot. my spelling in english is already getting worse so thats a good sign. i feel blessed to have a latino comp cuz i talked with this other guy who was with me in the MTC and their comps like to speak english cuz they only speak spanish the rest of the time. Also i went on another exchange and that was cool, they had the nastiest pension though, and their shower was gross, you had to boil water and then mix it with the cool water from the faucet and it would spray out from one stream and shower with that stream so… i just decided to wait till i was back at my pension later that day and later that night when my comp called for their numbers they were like how come your gringo didnt wanna use our shower?? it was funny. remember coke leaf guy? i saw him again and he was stuffing his face with coke leaves. The ice cream is way good… it could compete with aggie ice cream im afraid to say. Speaking of which tell grandma i loved her letter it was great and thats so cool that she did the same Book of Mormon thing as we are. That was really nice of her to call Grandpa Singer and see how he´s doin and im glad Grandma Singer is doing a lot better. Also i got a letter from Megan and that was really nice. I have seen UP and its a great movie but i cant say i remember that song. Im glad to hear that she´s dissecting a fetal pig. Every time i smell formaldehyde, i remember that day. We got in trouble cuz we twisted our pigs head off. Good times.  Dad i like how in your letter you talked about how you really liked the talk on patience, and then how you told me you got mad at josh, which of course is understandable, but still funny. The time with the Whites looked way fun, i thought about yall doin the egg roll and i was kinda sad cuz the Easter Bunny never found where i lived but thats ok. Its probably cuz i didnt give him any eggs to hide. i have a scripture for Josh that i want him to really really study its Ether 12:27 and James 4:4 i think. Dad your question about BoM´s handed out, we usually give em the pamphlet first and then come back if we didnt teach them a lesson but as we were walking here to email this guy stopped us and was like do yall have one of those blue books?? (BoM) and we said of course and we´re gonna visit him later! dad extreme is playing right now from the bourne movies. Mom you said somethin about acclimating to the culture? funny story, at the start of conference i shook about 75 people´s hands and so i hand sanitized after and one of the Elders was like come on Elder Singer this is Argentina you dont need that and then this other Elder said Elder… be IN argentina.. not OF it. It was hilarious. Speaking of conference, i loved it, it was so great. Having a living prophet has never been so real to me because i bear testimony of it to people of every day and this last week was like waiting for the superbowl ive never been so excited to have conference. we shared D y C 1,37 to 38 and it has never struck me so hard that we are listening to exactly what God wants for us. It was a real special experience to. All the people in our District attended and our mini Chapel barely fit everyone and i was so excited to see so many Argentine members. fortunately i watched conference with some other English speaking Elders in a room so that was fun. i loved all the talks and how most of them focused on family and how we need to learn to build our own foundations around Christ. They always seem to know just what to say and i didnt know the topics are not assigned that was really interesting. One of our Investigators came, her name is Azuzena to 2 of the conferences but Adolfo didnt cuz i think the time change threw him off. we reminded him like 3 times when it would be and we´re still convinced that he showed up to church at the regular time. poor guy, but we found out he has some mostly sane siblings that live close to him and we´re teaching his brother now who reads the bible every day. I think Adolfo led us to a very special opportunity and im really excited to see what happens. And we figured out his story, he´s been babied his whole life by his father who died like 5 months ago and he´s like 60 years old now. its pretty sad but we´re tryin to help him. Today was sweet, the reason why im emailng so late cuz we did a dual zone activity and we went to this place called taffee de valle and its way up in the mts. i took some good pics. There was some way dense jungle that we drove through and it was cool cuz it was like legit jungle area and suddenly we were in this place that looked super dry and we bought some stuff. Im legit now cuz i bought myself a little man purse to carry my stuff in and a sweet hat, both are made of Alpaca. I got to hear Elder Johnson talk to me too so that was REAL exciting, his comp wont speak english to him its funny. I got to hang with 2 other guys in my MTC dist also so that was cool. Well im out of time now but sorry if i didnt answer all your questions and if you guys could tell me somethin about my battery charger that would be nice. I love yall so much and im so grateful for your letters and all of your prayers.


Elder Singer