April 12th, 2010

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April 12th, 2010

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Dear Family,

Well this week was quite an adventure I got to go on 2 different exchanges one after the other having 3 comps at dif times one day. I got to serve in the city of Tucuman and it made me think of Grandpa. I went through the stuff he gave me and unfortunately we didnt knock doors close to his friends but i hope so one day. I cracked up in one of his journal entries cuz he said he fell in love with Milanesa and Dulce de Leche! Its funny cuz i have both all the time! I drank Dulce de Leche straight a couple of times its really good. its basically caramel goo. But yeah i did an exchange with one of the zone leaders and that was fun, his name was Elder De La Fuente and he is from Mexico. He said i can speak really well. Also i attended their district meeting and their chapel is way bigger it was sweet. Also 3 out of the 4 (not mine) districts meet at that chapel for dist meetings and that was fun cuz i got to be with some of the missionaries from taffee on pday last week. They had me share something from the missionary manual at the district meeting. So later Elder Perez came to Tucuman with Elder De La Fuente´s comp and we rode on the bus to go to another excchange with Elder Castillo in this place called Famalla. It was fun he is hilarious and he taught me how to give super solid baptisimal commitments and he told me to do it every single lesson if you present it right. Also I was made really grateful for my warm showers cuz we had to take cold showers there and that was fun. I was told that i look like Clark Kent like 3 times this week so im pretty convinced… but idk about now, i just got my first haircut and its like hardcore jarhead cuz i told the guy to do it kinda like a military cut… you know, it just might be the best haircut ive ever had… just kidding dad, that was for you. This week we did a whole bunch more contacts and its fun to see the way people react but we actually get a decent amount of addresses. When we were knocking doors, this super Catholic lady was about to close the door and i said do you think Jesus would listen? and she just glared at me and was like NO NO NO! It was fun. We have a baptism with Azuzena this week and thats exciting! we had testimony meeting and almost all the people are members because of the efforts of missionaries and it was a specail experience cuz they have so much faith i felt really humbled to hear their testimonies. Also we took the ward list and visited some members and we went through the whole thing and we´re gonna map it all out and find everyone. Also Adolfo didnt come to church and that was a little disheartening, we visited him and he offered us wine and he kept tellin us how rich it was and we had a hard time gettin through to the fact that it is against the word of wisdom and he was offended for a couple of minutes while we talked to his brother. He walked with us to the bus and sang us a song it was hilarous. We had a member (guy) with us and he told me his favorite music artists are Cher and Beyoncé! I was so close to tellin him that my dad was a fan too but i decided not to haha. Thanks for your letters everyone by the way, I dont have a whole lot of time to reply to everything everyone said but it sounds like stuff his goin real good for everyone. Im looking forward to calling on mothers day. O yeah I gotta tell you about my experience last night. Right before we came back to the pension, i contacted this guy i had like a conversation with him and taught him about the church and what time and where for like 10 min and i felt so good cuz the words just flowed. My spanish really feels like its made a big jump this week and it feels really good, i can understand a lot of what i hear. I had a dream in Spanish last night! But i gotta go now, I love you guys so much and thank you so much for your letters!


Elder Singer