April 18th, 2010

Written by admin on May 17th, 2010
Dear family,
welllllllll this week was a fun one lots of stuff happened. i feel kinda weird just sharing spiritual stuff to you guys, spiritual stuff happens all the time i just feel like im reading the ensign when i read her letters and feel weird writing that stuff idk. anyways, this week was crazy our numbers were so bad cuz we went to like 4 baptisimal interviews and zone conference but it was fun to travel around and see other Elders and go on short exchanges. Zone conference was really cool, a whole bunch of stuff happened but something that stood out to me the most was a quote from CS Lewis and it was something along the lines of you dont really believe what you believe until those beliefs are but to the test and other stuff on how our trials are for our experience and progression towards God. the whole conference was in Spanish and I understood almost all of it so that was nice. After zone conference i went on an exchange for the next day with the other zone leader Elder Cieza and hes really cool. He´s from Peru. When we were walkin i contacted a drunk guy (i didnt know before) and he kept sayin how sad his life was but i was his friend and then we said bye and he gave me this big hug and then another one. The next morning with Elder Cieza, we were knockin doors and this girl said she had to shower and i didnt understand exactly i thought it was some sorta chore or somethin and i said… uh, necesita ayuda? which means do you need help? and i didnt know until after Elder Cieza told me what she said it was super funny. Later Azuzena who was going to have her baptism last saturday told us that she drank coffee during her interview and not weeks before so we have to wait for a bit now. My comp was kinda frustrated/embarrassed cuz this has never happened to him before and so i showed him Alma 26:27 and he lit up after he read it. Also i had another experience with a guy who im pretty sure was drunk BUT he could speak english kinda and he pulled up next to us in his car while we were knocking doors and holy cow it was hilarious. First he asked me why i was in Argentina and i told him about my purpose as a missionary and then suddenly he started talkin about Obama and Guantanamo Bay and then he told me how Jesus is the master of history. Then it was to Apollo 13 and he said the phrase “Houston we have a problem” is very popular in his country, i told him i was from Houston and he got super excited and he was like hey, we need to talk, not about religion about other things. I said im here to share the Gospel. He said ok, took my hand (and shook it for like 30 seconds) and”hey… you are my friend… i love you baby” then he shouted i love you baby like 10 times and finally left it was hilarious. On Sunday we actually had a lot of less active people come and Azuzena and my comp that day was asked to give a talk AND teach the lesson… reminds me of my last sunday at home… I guess Brother (insert name i cant remember) was right. Later we were knocking doors and we found a bunch of people who were friends and we committed them to if they receive an answer they´ll be baptized and that was exciting. Today was Pday and we went and hung out with a member family and my comp is really good at guitar and i made a joke that i can sing like an angel with them and so today they kept bothering me to sing and so i sang a hymn while my comp played it was fun, it was Senor te necesito (I need thee every hour). It was with the Flores family they´re really fun. Al paracer puedo cantar lindo. I took some pictures and i got this cord so i could send yall some but my camera just freezes up so i gotta find somethin else. Thanks for everyones letters btw, Megan i really like yours keep sending em sounds like your busy but you wanna stay that way it´ll look good on your college app. I got grandmas letter and i really liked it you can tell grandpa i spent 2 more days in Tucuman! O dad the shipping thing? yeah they open every package and charge you at the value of whatever you explained thats why i said to send it in cereal or peanutbutter or somethin so yeah… bienvenidos a Argentina. Mom i have no idea how the calling the fam works but hopefully all find out sooner or later. Thanks for all of your prayers but my time is up, i love you guys so much!
Elder Singer
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