April 26th, 2010

Written by admin on May 17th, 2010

Hey family,

How is everyone doing? im still alive just in case you were wondering but yeah this week was good. Happy Birthday Mom :) sounds like your doing good too. and if you wanna send me a package too with whatever thats cool. and if you dont know what to send, send lots of reeses. lots. just to answer your question we walk. a lot, this area is one of the biggest in the mission. btw i forgot to let yall know but ill be in Concepcion for the next transfer with Elder Perez. Random question what mission is Logan Robinson in? Dad, mom tells me your pretty buff. Apparently she forgot what buff was but i have been gone for quite a while now haha. Sounds like dad´s talk went really well and i liked your opening joke, unfortunately the comp place we´re in today doesnt allow me to print so ill have to read your talk another week. Its funny cuz i spoke too and they let me know 15 min before the meeting! i felt like it actually went well and made sense and i basically just talked about the joy we can find through Jesus Christ. I´ll talk a lil more on that later. I think you should go ahead and do the half ironman but it sounds like you´d have to train a ton, i heard for an ironman you have to train for like 3 hours a day. but maybe only 1.5 hours a day, it is a half iron man. Megan sounds like the band trip was fun and tell josh to write me too. i cant believe you actually admitted to Josh being a good driver. On my contacts, it doesnt say a lil number thing like you told me over the phone that one time, just the numbers, can you tell me which one is which again?

Anyways, so this week i went on an exchange with Elder Cottle and he is in this city called Alberdi. It was cool but my stomach later found out that the water is not too drinkable. We taught this guy who has been investigating the church for a long time but is trying to find anything he can wrong with the Book of Mormon. You really cant and i remembered Tasha´s letter from last week and we basically told him he needed to humble himself and find out if its true if he really wants too. The next morning we had to go to Tucuman and i didnt think id be able to go i was feeling pretty terrible (and dad to answer your question this was the worst..<snip> ive had so far.) and i stared straight out the window the whole 2.5 hours to tucuman holding it. We got there and i was still feeling bad and i started praying and i remembered this scripture, Alma 31:38, and it says despite our afflictions, we can always find Joy in Christ. I felt a lot better suddenly even though i didnt have lunch for the fear of it not digesting properly. We got on the bus and i had to sit next to some old lady and at first i wasn´t too excited but we ended up talking for 1.5 hours! i didnt understand everything but i did enough for her to think i understood everything. I taught her the whole first lesson and at first she was kinda iffy “i was born Catholic” mood and as we talked she kinda warmed up and then i showed her the promise in the Book of Mormon. After she read it she looked at me and she asked when the missionaries could teach me more cuz she lived in Alberdi and i was getting off. I got her address and they´re supposed to see her some time this week. I felt so grateful after and it was really exciting and it felt way good. Later that day (still sick) it rained a ton but we ended up teaching 4 lessons and i felt like i could speak really well that day and i taught a ton! It was probably one of the best days so far! I shared this experience about how i was having a bad day in my talk and then the change along with some other scriptures and later this member asked how my week was and i said it was good and my comp was like yeah except he had really bad <snip> and the guy started laughing and said oh is that what you were talking about in your talk?? and i was like uhh…. yeah… it was kinda embarrassing but it was funny. Nothing much else happened this week but i CAN send yall some pictures! I love you guys so much thanks for all of your prayers :) love,

Elder Singer

PS ask bro wettstein if he knew an elder Paublo Medina. He served in Buenos Aires North from 92 to 94 and he´s in my branch and Joseph B Wirthlin visited them during his mission.

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