May 17th, 2010

Written by admin on May 17th, 2010

[admin has been out of the country for two weeks]

Dear Family,

So last week i sent yall some pretty sweet pictures but it seems like every email i try rejects them im not sure why but im gonna try and make it so ill send an individual email for every photo and hopefully that´ll work. Just wanted to tell Anna Happy Birthday and hope it went well, Ill buy you something and give it to you in 2 ish years alright? Just a lil reminder, yall can send mail through the bolsa and it can only be 1 page folded and stamped with an American stamp and taped and the address is Elder Singer, Argentina Salta Mission, PO Box 301500, SLC UT, 84130-0150. Thanks for all of your letters btw everyone I really enjoyed all of them and mom im really sorry about your wallet getting stolen that’s gotta be frustrating but yeah ive been tryin to be pretty conscious about where my stuff is, I am in Argentina, where the police don’t do anything. I cant believe you have an iphone now either, have you figured it out yet? Btw I got a dear Elder from Grandma Singer and my friend Michael Slawson from the Y and he told me where a lot of the guys on my floor are goin on their missions and its crazy 2 of them that are roommates are goin to the same mission. I cant believe Winsdor is goin to Spain they talk way weird Spanish with a lisp. I made a friend in the MTC that is in Spain right now I cant remember where he went exactly but he left early for the Spain MTC. Well anyways, this week was pretty fun. We worked a whole lot and its actually pretty cold to answer Grandma Richardsons question and im pretty sick. Im so grateful for the members we have though Jorgelina from the Flores fam called us last night to see how I was doin and gave me some advice. Kinda crazy too, we had to go on exchanges for a bit cuz we had a baptisimal interview and she left her house so yeah still no baptism. I went on an exchange with Elder Brisolara and it was really fun cuz he was in my MTC group and we taught a lesson and it was an adventure cuz both of us don’t have a whole lot of time. Speaking of no baptism, we went by later to our investigators house , Azuzena and she told us that she isn’t sure about being baptized any more and it was a kinda heartbreaking but we taught her a lesson about baptism and bore testimony of this special opportunity with her and we are having her pray about her doubts but we will see. I told her about how this is the food that we need to feed our spirits with and if you don’t eat, your spirit starves. Yesterday it was raining a whole lot and when we got to church we had all of 4 people, me and my comp, Pres of the Branch, and one sister in the branch. Later a couple more people showed up and I gave a talk about prayer and I felt pretty good about it, especially cuz I made it up on the spot and a couple of the members gave me some compliments that my Spanish is improving a lot. This is kinda funny, I told my comp the other day that the US is the land of promise, yeah that was a bad idea, im not sure though is all of the Americas the land of promise or just the US? Cuz venezula and cuba I wouldn’t go so far to say that they are the land of promise. If my pics go through, there is one of me in front of our pension door and of a dog. It’s a really fat dog and if you get her to roll over and you just put a teeny bit of force she cant roll over cuz she´s so fat its really funny. Last night we had a way awesome lesson, she seemed super Catholic and not too receptive at first but later she was like yeah, my dad wasn’t a member but some muchachos like yall gave him a BOM and he always read it and said that it made him feel really good, more than the bible. It was really exciting to teach her and she accepted the invitation to be baptized if she receives an answer and we felt real good about her. I just got dad´s lil email im not sure what photos he´s talkin bout but yeah dad does look pretty swoll not gonna lie im impressed. Btw, the street sign one is in tucuman and EEUU means USA. My comp isn’t in the one you just asked me about. The one in the truck with Hermano Mansilla is with my comp just so you know. Im glad that your actually receiving my pics! Those Elders are in my District, the one inside the chapel. The cup picture is of mate made from bull hide… ill let you figure out what part from the picture, I thought it was so funny. Well im outta time but I love you guys so much and I really appreciate all of your prayers. Btw could yall tell me which mission Logan Robinson is in? thanks!


Elder Singer

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