May 24th, 2010

Written by admin on May 24th, 2010

Elder Singer standing next to the cities' only stop sign

Elder Singer standing next to the cities' only stop sign

Dear Family,

Wow im so glad that yall finally got some pics and good news i have more! They´re pretty good, the one with the stop sign I had to take, it might not seem so exciting but in Argentina it’s the first one ive seen… that might explain why there´s so many wrecks here… but hey who knows right? Anyways this week was pretty good, we found a whole bunch of really good new investigators that seemed really receptive the problem is just getting them to church. We´re teaching this lady named Betty and she´s really good she just needs an answer and so does this ex Jehovah´s witness named Fabian. He has a ton of questions and he´s in the same situation as Betty. We didn’t have any investigators come to church this week but there´s always next week. I found out what is gonna happen for next transfer this Friday and I feel like im gonna stay but we´ll see. Also we aren’t going to have zone conference cuz Hermana Northcutt is super sick so we´re prayin for her. This week ive been pretty sick and all the members know and they all get on me when I take off my jacket its really funny cuz they pull out their parkas when its less than 80 degrees outside. Today I feel ive gotten a lot better though. This week is gonna be super crazy and the last weeks have been too because tomorrow is 25 de Mayo and its their 4th of July but they go all out its insane and everyone is drunk. The other day these drunk dudes jumped up as if to rob me but luckily I didn’t understand what they said to me so I just kept casually walking and they stopped. It was kinda funny to be honest. Also everyone´s getting ready for the World Cup and its pretty nuts and some people will be like Vamos Argentina!! In my face cuz they know im from the states but ill just cheer along with em. Today was pretty sweet cuz we actually did something and we played soccer and im not gonna lie I think it was one of the first times ive been picked last to play. We played with some members and they can just tell before we play but I scored like 2 goals later on. Yesterday at church there was this visitor guy who was the driver for our district president and in the middle of priesthood (all of 4 people) he was  “why are yall so different? Why do I feel so good when im here?” and other questions like that it was fun to answer them and tell him why. Did yall know I can send mail to any missionary in Argentina through the Bolsa so I could write Elder Robinson for free, that’s pretty cool and I knew a teacher in the MTC that served in Mendoza. Sorry to hear about Josh´s injury I hope he´s doin all right and I really liked the pictures that dad sent me and it seems like all is well. Mom I really like the idea to write the missionaries in the Houston mission. I feel really bad for some of the missionaries who don’t receive any mail, it is especially like this for the Latinos, some of them I have talked to are the only converts in their families and their family doesn´t really support the idea of serving a mission. Its really sad and I feel really bad for em. My comp for example he receives written mail every once in a while but neither of his parents know how to type.  Well that’s about all I hope all is well and ill be praying for yall. Thank you so much for your support, love, and prayers and don’t forget to read the BoM every day as a family and personally.


Elder Singer

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