May 3rd, 2010

Written by admin on May 17th, 2010

Dear Family,

Ok so apparently dad´s email doesn’t like mine so I forwarded last weeks to you, this email is doing lots of annoying things but hopefully ill be able to get through to yall, hopefully I don’t lose viewers. It was sweet too, pics and everything but idk if its even gonna let me forward this time either you´ll be able to get pics sooner or later…. But yeah this week was pretty cool i guess. Ive started to read the BoM in Spanish and that’s goin pretty well it helps a lot to and I can almost understand everything but I do the john groberg thing with it side by side. Also ive been reading outloud with a pen in my mouth because you cant get away with mumbling in Spanish as easily as you can in English so it helps me open up my mouth and it actually works. Earlier this week we did what is called a white wash where all the missionaries in the district go to one area to find new investigators if they´re having a difficult time finding people but I kinda feel like they need to do that to my area. I really like my district they´re a really cool bunch of guys. We played soccer today and its def not my game but maybe one day it will be…. Im probably gonna be sore for a couple of days cuz I cant run cuz my comp and his messed up ear. Not a whole lot of super funny stuff happened though, except we had ward council once and the femine guy asked me a couple of days later if I <snip> at the end of it and when it happened I thought nobody heard cuz they were all talking and I just started cracking up and I couldn’t lie it was really funny. It was nice to talk to yall btw for all of 30 seconds yesterday but ill probably call around 4 to 5 ish your time probably 5ish. One day was really cool, usually my comp usually never asked me where we should go but he did this time and I prayed and I just felt like we should go to this house in particular and there was a lady there and we were able to set a baptisimal date if she received an answer. I don’t really know whats gonna happen from there but it seemed pretty cool to me. Also we found this guy named Fabian and he is way awesome, he understands everything really well and he knows his the bible really well. For example he recognized the 3 kingdoms of Heaven and that kinda caught me off guard and he said he prayed but didn’t receive an answer but we´ll work with him. This week also we spent a whole lot of time with less actives and visiting them with active members and lots of them are starting to realize they´re lives aren’t going in the direction they necessarily would like them to and some of them are starting to come back to church. I feel like my Spanish is getting a lot better too. Today I found out that in the world of Spanish, northern Argentina is infamously known for having some of the worst sounding Spanish of anyone and I don’t doubt it for a second ill give my best imitation of what they talk like when I call you guys. It sounds like you guys are doing really well and mom I really liked your story about sister dibbs and sounds like your birthday went real great too. Tell Myke Argyle hi for me. Congrats to dad on his triathalon btw! Sorry this email isn’t that exciting I spent a lot of time fiddling with this stupid thing and theres a bunch of kids on the same soccer team running around me… but thanks so much for your emails I love you guys so much and thanks for the prayers too.


Elder Singer

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