June 5th, 2010

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Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Blue Steel??

Elder Singer with the Flores Family in Concepcion Argentina

Elder Singer's 1st transfer from Concepcion to Las Termas

Elders Perez & Singer. Elder Singer's 1st transfer from Concepcion to Las Termas

Elder Michelson and Elder Singer, his new companion

Elder Michelson and Elder Singer, his new companion

Wow so hey i can actually write in the text box this time so thats exciting. So holy cow this week was super nuts and it was quite a rollercoaster. So first of all it was the 25 de Mayo thing and that was nuts everything was closed and it was like the bicentenial of argentina and we didnt have a whole lot of success that day. We did have a lil mini fiesta with some of the members in the ward and that was nice. On thursday we had a tormenta blanca in concepcion and it is basically when we have all the missionaries in our district in one area knock doors to help find new investigators. i think it was fairly successful and i feel like concepcion is going to have baptisms next transfer cuz we had some pretty solid investigators. One of the elders, Elder Papenfuss is from Oregon and he left a really nice note on my desk. Also we actually had 2 investigators come to church and we drove around with H Mansilla to pick them up and that was really exciting cuz we´ve had a hard time getting them to church. The new thing with the members is to make fun of me about germs cuz i dont share my glass with people and they think its so funny but i do too… i guess it just doesn´t exist down here. This week when we had transfer calls, it was quite a surprise, i really did think i was stayin and i was with the Flores fam during lunch when we got the call and then we all found out i was leaving it got real quiet and me and some of the family members started crying. I didnt think it was gonna be so hard to leave and i didnt realize how much i loved them there. They had me give a talk with 5 min before to prepare and that was quite a surprise and ill be real honest it was pretty miserable. Fam Flores is the one that i have the photo with and we got to know them real well cuz we had lunch with them sometimes 3 times a week and they´re way awesome. they left me some really nice notes in my journal. But yeah im in Santiago now with Elder Michelson, he´s the blonde guy i have the picture with. Yeah my hair is long i dont like it either im gettin it cut today. The city is called Las Termas and its apparently famous for its natural hot springs and its kinda touristy. Im in kinda a blahish mood cuz i didnt think it would be so hard to leave Concepcion holy cow. In tasha´s letter im not gonna lie i kinda laughed when she said somethin about getting a hug cuz ive had a couple of drunk guys give me hugs. Thanks dad for your counsel and advice. Ive actually been thinking a lot about how i can be more charitable n stuff. Sounds like everyone else is doin good and i got an email from Grandma, She seems to be doing well and just so everyone knows ive had a cold and im better now but i have to re-acclimate cuz we´re in a pretty dry climate in Santiago. I love you guys so much thanks for all of the letters n stuff and prayers


Elder Singer