June 9th, 2010

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May 9th, 2010

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Dear Family,
So my first week was in Las Termas was good. Yes its called Las Termas just so yall know and its in the province of Santiago del Estero. But yeah this week was good, we teach a whole lot and my comp is a really good teacher. In our comp studies we break down the lessons and talk about em and its really helpful. I think all the young men should learn how to teach lesson one. I wish i knew as good as i know now cuz its so much easier to answer what mormons believe or whatever cuz i was asked that all the time in highschool. It helps you understand a whole lot better why a restoration was necessary too. I think im really going to like my area too. This city is pretty much for tourists and there´s a whole bunch of people who are just tourists and apparently during the summer its deathly hot so nobody comes here. We have around 10ish investigators. We´re working on getting them baptisimal dates with em. Yesterday morning a wire for the pension like exploded and it was the first time for me to shower by candle light. We have about 60 people come every week it looks like but we need more priesthood, but it was the first week in the mission i didnt have to help with the Sacrament. We did do a confirmation for a baptism, a baby blessing, and a blessing all in the same day though. I think a lot of the people think im like almost fluent cuz i can kinda pull it off and cuz they dont know how much time i have. I can almost understand everything. Its a lot more fun cuz you can get the jokes in stuff. We have a ward mission leader and his name is Luis Gomez he´s really cool. He´s fun to joke around with and he wants to share the gospel with everyone and he´s only been a member for almost 2 years. I was talkin with him about how we could make a pamphlet to hand out to everyone. Also in church, i got to introduce myself and bear my testimony. We had a really good testimony meeting i think. We have a really big and pretty chapel here.  My comp and I played chess right before we went to bed and he beat me both times but im a lil rusty. We try to speak spanish when we are outside of the pension for me. Its hard when your comp isn´t latino. It helps though cuz its like having a spanish and english dictionary and not just one. I cant think of anything crazy that happened to me but there´s always like horses or donkey´s grazing in small patches of grass in the middle of the city its really weird. The people here speak more clearly too. When Megan told me about her pig experience with eating it and dissection i thought that was really funny. Sounds like you guys are all doin good and josh is probably taller than me but i could still kick his butt. Thats good that he´s swimming a lot though im excited to see how it goes for him. Sounds a lil crazy with graduating and all that stuff goin on but you guys must be doin good. I cant remember a whole lot more but dad told me like 50 different things but i appreciate yalls letters a lot they´re really fun for me.  Anyways, i gotta go know. I love you guys and really appreciate your letters.


Elder Singer