June 15th, 2010

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mundial week

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Elder Singer and a pig's head.

Elder Singer and a pig's head.

Dear Family,
How´s everyone doing? This week as good, the first week of the mundial (worldcup) and things are startin to get a lil crazy. When Argentina played it was pretty hard to work cuz literally everyone is super into the game and you could hear the cheers pretty loud whenever argentina scored. Last monday we had a family night with a recent convert family and it was really fun and we had a lesson and a game and sang songs and everything! There was a bunch of younger kids but im not gonna lie i never thought playing uno could be so difficult. One time a member asked me if we call it “one” haha. The spirit that we felt was really special to have that lil family experience again and to sing some hymns with them. On thursday after our district meeting in Santiago, we had a tormenta blanca in our area and thats basically when we have all the missionaries in our district come work in the same area. It was really fun and we had a ton of success. I got to work with Elder Monforte from Mexico and he´s a really cool guy. He was actually Elder Johnson´s trainer. I always like workin with the Latinos cuz they have way different backgrounds n stuff. We were able to teach one lesson though and get a baptisimal fecha. At the end of the tormenta blanca, we had i think 13 baptisimal dates if the people receive answers and it was really exciting. Also we have 25 news for the week including our work for the week! Everyone really wants to come back to Las Termas in our district on a p day cuz of all the stuff we have here. Our district leader, Elder Mccann is a really cool guy and i found out he was baptized a lil more than 3 years ago and lived in utah his whole life as a Catholic and he told me his conversion story and how he grew up hating the Mormons and he had a stack of BoM by the door cuz everyone gave references to his house. O yeah this is kinda random but awesome, ok Utah means mountain of the Lord right? ok if you go to 2 Ne 12:2, you can see u t a h vertically written like a crossword puzzle and that verse is talkin bout the mountain of the Lord. sorry i just think that is so cool haha. But yeah as yall know the mundial has started and during the game there was nobody in the street at all and everyone was running around and being nuts and everyone makes jokes about the USA team to us but from what i hear we actually did pretty good. Mom for the little advice thing you asked me for, I guess one of the most important things is where you focus your thoughts and your actions. Its very easy to get caught up in the fact that the mission isnt easy and the struggles with the language and every other little problem you run into just kinda piles up and it can get pretty stressful and you just kinda think about yourself. When you find yourself in a situation like this, we need to steer our thoughts away from ourselves and towards the Savior and those that we serve and at the end of the day looking back, you find that everything that you did with a mindset like that just kinda fell into place. It makes me think of the scripture Luke 9:24, and it says when we lose life for the Lord, we find that we have saved our own lives. Its like when we give up our own will or the will of the natural man for the will of the Savior and we find that eternal peace instead of a temporal happiness. That is exactly what Christ has done during his life, he never did anything for his personal benefit, he was perfect and could have given into temptation but chose not too because he knew he had to be an example to the world, he taught his Gospel for us to know how we can receive our salvation and be happy, he gave his life and suffered because his love for Heavenly Father and his brothers and sisters and knew it was the only way that we could return to our Father in Heaven. He could have chosen to stop the suffering but he ALWAYS did that of the will of the Father. I read somethin in an old Ensign the other day about how much we can understand the relationship of Christ and the Father because how much Christ references to the Father in 3 Nephi and how often it shows that he submitted to the will of the Father. Thats what it means when the scriptures say to be submissive like a child because they submit to the will of the higher authority. After what the Savior has done for us, the least we could do is try our best to be like him and be obedient. The least we could do is to follow the example he has set for us. Thats why he said if we love him, keep his commandments. Thats why when we really try to understand what the Gospel really is, its the good news, the good news that there is more to life than our natural man desires and when we shed ourselves of all ungodliness, we will see that Christ the way and that there is no other. Thats why its so important to learn to steer our thoughts and actions away from ourselves and to others, especailly as a missionary. Hope that all made sense. Well anyways i gotta go now and just so yall know i actually got a picture with a pig this week… ok, well, some of it anyways haha well i love you guys i gotta go now. Btw im really excited for Josh to start working at Sonic and i laughed really hard when i saw what he sent me. “im taller than you now. hahaha” I really enjoyed your letter btw dad, i remember this black guy when i was in highschool got mad at a white guy for not knowing who Nelson Mandela is but he sure does have an inspring story. But i love you guys and i am praying for yall!
Elder Singer