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Written by admin on June 24th, 2010

Dear Family,

First of all I wanna wish dad a happy fathers day and thank you for being such a great dad. Seriously, i have had several opportunities to share some of the stuff that you taught me. I told my comp the other day about our last ping pong game at home. Ok so remember how we had really awesome numbers and a ton of news last week? Yeah things kinda flipped upside down for us this week and all the fechas fell but we did have some investigators come to church so that was good. This is a tourist town like i told yall before and we actually had some tourists that are members come to church yesterday and one of them contacted somebody and we gave em a BoM and so we´ll see whats gonna happen there. One of the guys that came is a president of a ward or somethin in Cordova and they had him give a talk and he was baptized like 30 years ago and gave a good talk, basically dropped the cane the whole time. The president of our rama couldnt be there or the guy that teaches Principle of the Gospel so I taught that class, it was Signs of the Second Coming and my comp taught priesthood. It was pretty fun. Yesterday was my comp´s birthday and thats what the pics are of, we bought some of Las Termas´ famous alfahores and made a sweet cake out of it.

The Argentine game was this week and they won 4 to 1 and there was an unofficial parade made by the people and it looked like an angry mob or something it was insane. This member told me that they are saying that Argentina is the favorite to win now and I said who told you that… an Argentine? Its kinda like Tasha described it, bigger than the superbowl, this grandma stopped us in the street to ask us who won.

There was an emergency transfer and now we have a new district leader, Elder Hardy, and now Elder Mccann is assistent. On Saturday, we saw some people yelling at each other while we were in a couple houses down teaching a lesson and they walked right in front of the house we were at. One lady was chasing this guy with a huge knife in her hand and there was another with his shirt off  and one other guy was trying to hold him back. It was really insane and suddenly a police truck pulled up with 6 cops inside and one had a shotgun in his hand, also a dirtbike with 2 cops on it. Luckily as far as we know nothing more really happened and the police just kinda broke it up.

Also this week Ive been reading the BoM a ton, they started the reading assignment (the red and blue highlight thing) before i came to the mission but im trying to catch up to everyone this week also we found out our zone conference is this friday and this transfer doesn´t end for 3 more weeks. Im gonna finish it in 2 more days i think. Well sorry this letter isnt very exciting but yeah really this week was rather depressing for the work but I always think back to that scripture, Alma 26:27 and I think this week will really pick up. Thanks for all your letters everyone, it sounds like things are kinda crazy down there but it´ll cool down a bit hopefully. I thought it was really cool what you did for grandpa btw that was really awesome. I love you all and miss you :)


Elder Singer

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