July 4th, 2010

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Argentina vs Germany this week.. oooo

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Dear Family,

Well this week was pretty good, kinda crazy too, there have been like 3 murders in Las Termas more recently. In one of the cases, one of the accomplaces is a member of a family of less actives but he isnt a member. We went over and tried to help em out but it was sad because the parents seemed kinda hopeless. We taught a whole bunch this week and I did have a really cool experience. Its an investigator and her name is Yesica, (pronounced Jessica) and when we walked in, she pulled out her Book of Mormon to the last page where we write the steps to the prayer for people we give BoMs to. She pointed to it and said “I did this!” and we were like… and?!… what did you feel?? and she said “I felt really really good… I think its true!” It was way awesome! We had another really good lesson about temple marriage and baptism with another one of our investigators. One of the biggest problems we have in our mission is that hardly anyone is married but getting them married shouldnt be too hard. On sunday, we had a lot of people at church. One of the counselors from the stake presidency came and gave a talk about missionary work and we´re working on getting everyone super involved in missionary work. We´re making this thing where everyone prays at the same hour of the night as families for opportunities to share the gospel and for the missionaries in the area.
This week was zone conference, it was pretty good. We talked a lot about the second coming and how Christ´s coming to the Americas is a type of the second coming, a lil bit of dropping the cane on obedience and the power and blessings of integrity.  Hermana Northcutt was sick though, she got up for like 10 seconds and then she left the conference. She was sick in bed for like a month before. We have the whole mission praying for her.
Also I finished the Book of Mormon this week and I got an answer! its still true.
Argentina won yesterday and everyone was going crazy and we had ward council right after and all the members were talking about it. They´re pretty convinced that they are gonna win the world cup and our ward mission leader told me he´s probably gonna cry if they lose. If they win they´re saying that no one is going to work for 2 days. When we were in the street, we could keep score by the screaming and yelling of people inside their houses.
I really like yall´s letters this week by the way. Anna, you told me about a certain family who tells you what your beliefs are. They teach them that in their churches but its pretty clear to me that a church is not of Jesus Christ if it tells them to avoid/hate the Mormons. Its pretty evident here, i knocked a door the other day and as soon as i said Jesucristo, the lady waved her finger in my face and slammed the door…are you sensing any irony? Others wont look us in the eyes cuz they think we´ll like put em in a trance idk but something my comp was telling me is that the people that REALLY want to find the truth, they will find it, and its found in His church, the church that you are a member of. But its not really worth arguing with em but you can invite them to search for the truth. Our president explained the best way to do it, invite them to do it, promise blessings, testify, and say will you do that? My comp showed me this scripture yesterday, Prove all things, and hold fast that which is good. Thes. 5:21, in spanish it basically says, examine everything and find/keep the good stuff. If people did it, they would find it. Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you. If you do wanna bible bash a lil bit, just ask em the formation of Church of Jesus Christ in ancient times, ask them how their church was formed and what it consists of and then ask em, now why isnt that the same? Then you can bear your testimony and explain how it was formed and what it consists of. It was restored by divine authority, it has the divine authority, with a prophet who receives revelation and whatever else you feel directed to say. I really liked all of everyones letters by the way,  Anyways, I gotta go, I love you guys and thanks for all your prayers and letters. Hope my letter made sense, im trying to organize them better haha, o and how come i always get the updates to tasha´s blog? i never get the ones to mine though… o well, bye!
Elder Singer