July 5th, 2010

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ouch Argentina!

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Elder Singer at the Dam.

Elder Singer at a Dam near Las Termas

Closeup of Elder Singer at a Dam near Las Termas

Closeup of Elder Singer at a Dam near Las Termas

Dear Family,
Wow so im not gonna beat around the bush, but Argentina got killed by Germany, it was a pretty sad way to go out like that but the people didnt seem too ashamed just kinda sad. We tried our best to express that we feel equally sad about what had happened with the loss because we knew they´d think that we are from Germany and as soon as the game was over this guy on his motorcycle went by and said “hey they´re from Germany!”… Other than that we did have a decent amount of success this week. We went to this guy´s family who was baptized in Buenos Aires while working there and we went to his family who lives pretty far out there in like the countryside basically and we got there and they have a family of 12 kids! It was sweet and we got baptisimal dates for all of them just we got figure out a way to get them all to church, their son, o yeah his name is Mauro has a really cool conversion story and we had him share it with us and his family and it went really great. We drove by this race track that they have here that was pretty sweet. Also we found another lady who had received the missionaries a couple of times before and wasnt so sure and dropped them and after teaching her twice she told us that she feels like this is the right thing for her. She´s been having medical problems with her daughter and she kinda broke down the last time we taught her and told us that she feels that its true and she came to church yesterday! Speaking of which, my comp and I have had a goal to get 100 people to church, normally we´ve been around 50 to 60 and yesterday we had about 80! We have an investigator named Walter and we went to his house and woke him up to go to church and he came and the testimony meeting was great. He had been having problems and his wife and his 2 kids just left him and this guy who´s a return missionary in our Branch named Yermo got up and said exactly what Walter needed to hear and it was awesome. We got to do a lot of work with our ward mission leader, Luis, on saturday and we have a guy who was recently baptized and he almost has no food for his family and we´re working on getting food together for him. Yesterday at church, Luis gave me a kiss on the cheek, its cool though, we´re in Argentina. Idk if i told yall but the men and women greet each other that way all of the time and some times we dont see it coming and they´re not members and they´ll just walk up to you and kiss you its awkward. This morning my comp found a mouse in his suitcase it was super funny, we took the suitcase outside and the dude from across the street ran out and just started smashing it with a broom and killed it. Pday was somewhat of an adventure, as you can see from pictures, we went to the dam.  It was really fun and you´ll notice i have a cool fake jersy that i bought. I also bought a mate cup and its made from a cow. Only about 10 missionaries were there though but it was fun and this lady kept pushin us to go eat at her place so they did and they had like a dude playin on the accordian and gave us a shout out as the amigos from the US. He asked us where we were from and I said we´re all from Texas. Then one Elder said he was from Germany and they all gave him a bad look it was funny. They have like these outdoor markets all over the place and this girl asked me when i was gonna buy her it was weird i just said uh… i already bought stuff.. and walked away. They call girls like that snakes in the mission. Well as you can see i had a fun filled week and i hope all his well with you all. Take some pictures of the Grand Canyon for me,  I hope ill be able to see the video of Josh and his dance. Grandma Fran wrote be by the way! Tell her thank you and I love her! And Grandma Singer can write me via email she wrote me a while ago on dearelder. O btw, i have a friend goin to Riverside, he might already be there but his name is Hauron Jihang and he´s speaking Chinese there and maybe Bryant will meet him one day. We were really good friends at the Y. Well i gotta go now and I love you guys, thanks for all the love and support :)

Elder Singer