July 16th, 2010

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Friday, July 16th, 2010

Elder Singer and his district

Elder Singer with his new companion Elder Hale

Elder Singer with his new companion Elder Hale

Dear Family,
Hey how´s everyone doing?? Well today was transfer day and basically i walked around and waited for missionaries n stuff in the terminal all day and i have a new comp his name is Elder Hale, he is a great missionary and i can tell we are going to be able to work a whole lot, he´s from Fresno California, and a lot of our investigators are doing really well, im really looking forward to this next transfer. He beat the best guy in the world once in Super Smash Brothers Melee, that is… awesome. Elder Michelson left to Tucuman and the picture is with my new comp and my district. Anyways, happy birthday Josh you da man, i actually wrote you a legit letter just so you know and i fully expect you to write me back. Also i got a letter from Elder Condiff from the MTC, that was a nice surprise.  So last week i looked on the paper and i saw that Elder Perez had a baptism finally and it was one of the people that we found, her name is Paola she is great, i always felt good about her whenever we taught her. In Concepcion, that was the first baptism in like 9 months i think, long time, so that was a great way for him to go out, i called him up and it was really great to talk to him and he´s getting transfered to the no mans land of Santiago and we´re going to have zone conference every 3 months now which really stinks but o well, so ill see him again in 3 months. I saw him in the terminal today and got to hang out with him for like an hour. This last week i got to go work in Santiago Capital with Elder Carrari, he´s been in the mission for 2 months i think and he´s great, he loves to work and we got a lot done together. He speaks really really fast too, his fav movie is the Lion King and we talked about the epic fight scene between Simba and Scar haha. We were knocking doors and this old guy came out and ill tell you i got a rejection that ive never heard before. It was this super old guy and he told us he just had testical surgery and couldn´t attend to us right now… it was really funny. Yesterday, this guy came to church and it turns out he´s a 70 and it was cool to talk to him. He´s from Cordova and he gave a really great talk it was like listening to conference in Spanish. He made a joke about how the people from Santiago like to sleep a lot. It looks like we´ll be teaching some piano lessons too like once a week if we can get people to invite friends and bring investigators. I really loved yalls letters this week and all the pictures. I saw the big famil picture of everyone and Gma and Gpa Singers and my first thought was man im supposed to be there… but it looks like yall are having fun, the Grand Canyon is beautiful, and i was glad to hear that the Singer Boys were able to perform there dance, that is awesome, hopefully that had a Spiritual Experience or 2 while they were there :) Make sure to send pictures from the Reunion too! And yeah Mom and Megan yall are definitely right, the letters in the mail are always more special! Well i gotta go now, I love you guys and all the letters were really great, have fun this week and im glad that yall arrived safe, I know its too late but I wanted to remind Dad and all them that bears can climb faster than they can run, just in case you dont know anything about bear attacks.


Elder Singer