July 21st, 2010

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Dear Family,

Well how´s everyone doin? It was another lovely week here in Las Termas. It was really cold actually and I got sick and then better this week haha, whenever it gets really cold people talk about the weather so much… the conversations with people when we go in there house are about how cold it is for like 5 minutes its funny they´re like man… its cold… its never this cold… this cold is intolerable… its so cold, and then 10 seconds later… man… its cold.One night we spent like an hour and a half looking for one contact and who knew there was a Patricia Sosa on the corner of every street of one neighborhood.

But yeah it kinda stunk we didnt have any investigators come to church yesterday and we woke up early to go wake two of them up. We woke one of em up and they asked (yelling from their bed) what time  the meetings are… 9… what time is it… 9! But yeah they said they were gonna go but no. Anyways, this week overall was pretty solid. My new comp Elder Hale is really cool and he works really hard. To practice Spanish we set a goal to only speak spanish outside the apartment and we´ve been stickin to it and thats been good its hard for 2 gringos to speak Spanish only. People always ask my comp where he´s from cuz doesnt speak so gringo. Thats somethin I think is important cuz the people have more respect for you and are more willing to listen. Its been kinda fun teaching the area to my comp and explaining all the little things you gotta know about Las Termas and all about our investigators.
Whoa, almost lost the letter, the power went out in the cyber i was in.
This week there was a return missionary here and it was kinda fun to see the excitement of all his family and friends receiving him but im not gonna lie it kinda made me miss you guys. Return missionaries are like legends here, he´s the second one in the history of the Branch of Las Termas. We had a lil Fam Night and it was fun and we played hot potato for the game and it was actually really fun. My comp was able to pull it out of the air, the just kinda looked at us and they were like, o the missionaries always have somethin like that ready. You guys should remind me of some games to play. Not hucklebucklebeanstock because that would probably be too complex, I still dont think everyone in our family understands the concept of “plain-sight.”
The other day I was in the kitchen making myself some breakfast and i heard movement inside the trash bag and it turned out we had a mouse. I almost caught him but i failed but i bought a mouse trap that day and we got him.

My comp happened to have peanut butter with him and its really rare here. It was super exciting for us haha.
One of our investigators Monica, who has been an investigator for forever, told us the other day that she felt some sort of answer which is exciting because she said she never really felt an answer before. Nilda, our super hero investigator told us the other day that whenever she was in the Principles of the Gospel class told us she felt the connection between the doctrine that was being taught and the reality and importance of the Restoration and we were just thinkin… wow… you are awesome. Ive found one of the most important things is when you teach Lesson 1 is to teach the Apostasy well to where they can see the need for a Restoration. We had Luis come with us a bunch this week and he´s seriously the coolest guy. He tells us stories about how his life used to be before he found the church and how he got in a bar fight all drunk with some guy a long time ago.
Well i gotta start wrappin up here.  Im lookin forward to the snailmail from you guys it´ll probably be like a month (around my birthday! hint hint) till i get it. Tell me about that Italian Opera the way Megan explained it to me sounded quite intriguing. Well, love you guys and hope yall are all well too. I really appreciate all the prayers, I really feel loved.

Elder Singer