July 31st, 2010

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July 26th, 2010

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Elder Singer observes the fine art of Bocce Ball

Elder Singer observes the fine art of Bocce Ball

Dear Family,
How´s everyone doing today? Im doin good, sorry this is a little later than I normally send it but we had so many lil things to do and its hard with the Siesta de Santiago! But everything is good in Las Termas. We´re kinda hopin the heat starts coming so all the tourists will go home and more people will go to church. Ive heard it´ll be more than double once summer starts. Everyone tells me the heat is unbearable,. hence the siesta. Anyways, I really enjoyed yalls´ letters they were good and it was nice to hear from Josh. He asked me a whole bunch of questions about sonic and stuff I cant remember them all but just kiss up to everyone and work as hard and as fast as you can. Frankie is super funny i dont remember him ever getting mad or whatever you were sayin. One time i was running toward the door after an order and he locked it and it was like a bird goin into a glass wall it was funny.

O yeah Dad i heard about barefoot running too, my crazy friend Kyle from BYU would do that when it was snowing outside they say its better for your feet you gotta remind me to try that. Not that your old or anything like that Dad, but you should make a bucket list Ive been thinkin about writing one on a Pday or somethin, and a map of all the places with dates of your visits in countries. This week Elder Hale and I worked really hard, Elder Hale is a really cool guy, He´s pretty funny and he takes pictures of all the ugly dogs as a collection and let me tell you they are really ugly. When I get back home in a while remind me to tell yall a story about me scaring some dogs. People keep thinking we are from Germany lately ever since Argentina lost to Germany and the people around here just about hock lugies at us trying to imitate German its pretty funny.
We found a really big family of 7 people and apparently they were old investigators from long ago and they all accepted baptisimal dates so we´ll see how that goes. Nilda our golden investigator should be getting back from Buenos Aires today so I dont have anything to update about her, maybe she read the whole BoM on her trip or something we´ll see. Our other investigator Walter and his gf were tellin us that they both wanted to get married if it will bless them and im excited but they told us we didnt need to come wake them up on Sunday but then they didnt come, maybe he went to the hospital again because he almost shot the tip of his finger off the other day because he wanted to see if the bb was still in the gun and… it was. Its funny cuz a week ago we taught a lesson about choosing friends that we´ll lift us up and help us make good choices and his friend told him that the gun was empty. We found another lady who was  ready to receive the Gospel we  haven´t taught her yet but she told us just by reading the Bible she doesn´t go to church (Catholic) anymore and she had a lot of other questions and just seemed ready to receive the gospel. This next month there´s supposed to be some open chapel thing and  the church is implementing a new program with missionary work and trying to get the members involved in the work and I was just thinkin to tell Josh and Dad to go out with the missionaries as much as they can and give at least one reference every time the missionaries come by.

Also we  finally got a hold of Yesica cuz she´s been working a ton and the whole situation was really awkward idk how to explain like she almost told us she wasn´t interested anymore (after receiving her answer and all that stuff :/) and her dad came out and apparently her dad is a member who has been inactive for many years and before he would make jokes about Joseph Smith it was weird. We ended up teaching her anyways.

About the birthday package.. could yall send american stamps? reeses, rootbeer extract, and… im buying some speakers and a CD player from an Elder for cheap and if yall wanna, could you send a really cheap mp3 player ( i lost my zune snowboarding remember?) with a bunch of motab and any church music and every efy album that ever existed, but only chuch stuff, if you can that is, make sure to disguise the expensive things!  i gotta go but i love you guys and i hope all is well!
Elder Singer

PS the pics are older men playing bocci (or Bocce) ball and they´re super intense about it its hilarious :) i wanted to be in their lil circle but i didnt have the special shoes haha