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Elder Hale started the fire!

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Elder Hale demonstrates how to cook an egg!

Elder Hale demonstrates how to cook an egg!

Before the baptism.

Elder Singer with Monica and Wanda

Elder Hale and Elder Singer with a nice family.

Elder Singer and Elder Hale's apartment after the egg burning experiment.

Elder Singer and Elder Hale's apartment after the egg "cooking" experiment.

Dear Family,
Well this was quite a week let me tell you! Thanks for the letters everyone sounds like yall are great, i dont know if you noticed Mom but in your letter you said Grandma seems to be taking the right steps… haha pun. But really glad she´s doin alright! But yeah this week was quite the adventure we´ll just say that… For some reason all the dogs were way after us and they kept tryin to get us and my comp got bit on the leg a lil bit and I was almost bitten too and I hit one with a rock. Argentine dogs are born with the instinct to run when man uses his apposable thumbs to bend down and pick up a rock. Its really entertaining. Anyways, I went on an exchange with Elder Carrari and that was really fun. He´s a really good people person and a good missionary. After using the pot I was cleaning myself with the vide and suddenly it went really really hot and I think it scalded my tail a bit but it was really funny cuz i came out and Elder Carrari did an imitation of me screaming in English in pain haha. O yeah I got yall´s letter from the reunion that was really nice of yall I felt really blessed. I laughed really hard at what Uncle Brent said, sombody said the reunion wasn´t the same without me and Uncle Brent put an arrow and said no it wasn´t, it was the same. haha but he said it would´ve been better if i was there. Johnny Callister wrote me too about his adventure to the Philippines! O yeah and on the exchanges they did the baptismal interviews and Monica and Wanda passed and we had their baptisms on Saturday! Ill tell yall about it in a bit. Anyways, we found some decent news too, some lady we found told us that she prays all the time to find the true church and she even asked us why there aren´t prophets and apostles and we able to answer all her questions it was pretty cool but she kinda had some crazy stories about a demon dog zombie (thats what she told us) appeared to her. Another lady was tellin us that her Mom appeared to her and that her mom said to her that Christ lives. Interesting stuff happened. THEN when we had weekly planning my comp put his egg in boiling water and we closed the door to our room and got to planning. A lil while later we smelled a burning smell and I didnt really think about it but then about 30 minutes later after that I ran out of the apt and the whole apt was full of smoke! See attached pic. It was pretty funny but the apt smelled pretty bad for a couple of days. I just attached a pic of the burnt egg and Elder Hale and in the other Email there´s my other pics. All day i was singin “Elder Hale started the fire!!!” Then we had our baptisms the next day and that went really well and I got to baptize them both it was so cool! They seemed so happy afterwards it was great I want to do a musical number with my comp in the next one. Monica and Wanda had been Investigators like longer than ive been in Argentina so long long time. The next day in the principles of the Gospel class one of em said the prayer and it was so special to hear them say “we´re grateful to be in thy Church”! They sure have come a long way. It looks like Nilda is going to be baptized a lil later on, but she´s still doing great, probably on the 21st I think. One other investigator who´s name is Alfredo is really good I think I told yall about him but when we went over there he was already sitting outside waiting for us and he basically taught us the whole plan of Salvation before we had a chance to teach it. He´s a pretty in tune guy, he tells us he feels some sort of “energy” when we talk to him, we decided that he´s talking about the Spirit. Idk why but he told us he was gonna go to church but he wasnt there on Sunday. O yeah, idk what my comp ate but on Saturday night til morning my comp was barfing all night it was pretty gross and I gave him a blessing in the middle of the night. Well, i gotta go now, im speakin in church next Sunday so say a lil prayer for me :) Love you guys and I hope all is well and that your reading your scriptures every day.
Elder Singer

PS Yeah i gave up on the card thing mom
PPS Dad I really enjoyed emailing you that couple of times last week and sorry bout your lil cross country adventure

August 2, 2010

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Dear Family,
Happy Birthday Megan! you look like a babe!  Im gonna try and send yall somethin for the kids in the fam it might be a bit tough.
This week was pretty good, it was nice to hear from you guys this week. Im really tired right now, in spanish i would say im hecho percho, its basically like wiped out n sore. We had a little zone activity today and that was fun. We played kickball and it ended up being Latinos vs. Gringos and i felt kinda bad for them cuz they never quite caught on with some of the rules and they were kinda mad so we played soccer after and the whooped us haha. i havent ran so much in a while so… yeah. It was fun though, i took some decent pictures. Anyways, this week kinda had its ups and downs, we worked really hard and completed with all of our goals and we worked really hard to get lots of the members involved. If yall remember walter and luicina they´re the couple we´ve been trying to help out and they´re not doing too good, we went and woke them up and everything but they didnt come to church. When we went by their house they were fighting and we tried to help them settle it, it was hard though they were acting like little kids. Other than that we´re doing really good, the really big family that we found a lil bit ago came to church and it seemed like they liked it and they had lots of great questions. They understand a lot and its fun to teach them. We found some other guy, Alfredo, this week who gave us some really good compliments and how the condition of a man´s shoes says a lot about them in the sense that ours are falling apart. He told us about his lifetime search for happiness and stuff and although he lives humble he isn´t poor, he had a really good perspective on life, and we´re really hoping he reads and prays he seemed so spiritually in tune. In church we didnt have Monica and Wanda or Nilda because they were all sick or somethin but if ive told you about Monica and Wanda but they´ve been investigators forever and we ran into them in the street the other day and they told us they´ve never felt so sure about being baptized so we´re pretty excited about that. Nilda is also doing really good, we´re teaching her all of the commandments you gotta know and she understands really well and she is ready to be baptized.
This week i ate fried cow brains… it wasn´t bad, really.
Well… there´s not a whole lot more, Elder Hale and I are pretty cool, he can do imitations really good it puts mine to shame haha, his Jimmy Stewart is right on the dot its so funny. I think ive got a leg up on his Bill cosby though.
I cant believe Josh is already car hopping we usually had to wait a while to become car hop, but thats cool though. Well i gotta get goin, this letter is a lil short, this week went by way fast, i cant believe ill be 20 soon. Luis our ward mission leader said time will go by faster for me now, they wanna have a lil birthday party for us here, Elder Hale is on Sept. 3. Well love you guys, thanks for all the prayers and the lovin.

Love, Elder Singer