August 18th, 2010 browsing by day


August 18, 2010

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Dear Family,

Well this week was alright, nothing super exciting but nothing super unexciting either. I was really glad to hear that Tyler is already home, that sure went by fast. I hope he got my letter, I sent it to the wrong mission in Ecuador and didn’t realize until later…. hopefully they did the math and sent it to the other mission.. Josh, your wasting your money man you gotta save like crazy right now. I got a lil letter from Grandma and it sounds like she´s doing good too. But yeah this week we found a whole bunch of new investigators. We didnt have any investigators at church and that kinda stunk but I still think we´ll be having another baptism this week I hope. Also we had our interview with the President and that was cool. Our zone is improving a lot and we´re going to have an open house this week so we´ll see how that goes. My comp and I are in charge of teaching how the Gospel blesses families focused around the commandments. Today the rest of our zone went to a museum but we´re kinda in no mans land in the Termas and we went to a member and he taught us some about playing the guitar folklore style it was pretty cool but I cant say i learned how to do it haha. We did some way hardcore cleaning too I dont think the stove has been touched cleaning wise in like a year and now its white! You may have seen some of it in the burnt egg episode from last week. My talk went well by the way. I based it on Elder Uchtdorf´s talk, You are my hands and I ended up taking up all the time I had no idea it was really funny cuz usually whenever I gave talks before the mission they were too short well at least I felt like they were but my talk ended up being 25 minutes long i had no idea I was way nervous though but I got some nice compliments. I felt a lil bad cuz my comp was suposed to speak too but it looks like he´ll just be speaking next week. Well sorry for the kinda blah-ish letter but im doin good just so yall know :) Thanks for the prayers and congrats to Tasha on the baptism!


Elder Singer