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one more transfer in the Termas!!

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Dear Family,
This week was solid and if you haven´t noticed from the title of the letter I´ll be staying another transfer in Las Termas! This week was a lil more eventful and exciting so hopefully I´ll be able to intrigue you guys this week. This week started out with a little fun experience. In Las Termas there is a bridge over a river and the other side is called Villa Beaneario and we were over there and we had to take a trucho remis (basically illegal/fake taxi) and my comp left his agenda in the remis. It was kinda sad because losing an agenda is pretty devastating it has all of your important contacts citas etc. and so you can imagine how needed it is. Well the next day we were walking along and I look to my right (Termas is really big) and there was the remis and he slammed on his breaks and an arm sticks out the window with my comps agenda in hand. It was a cool little experience. After I said to him its amazing how much Heavenly Father loves us even to answer the smallest of prayers.

This was kinda funny, it wasn´t this week but we were knocking doors and we knocked this door and this pretty cheto looking guy in a suit comes out and smiles and I contacted him and then pretty soon I found out that we just knocked the door to the Jehovah´s Witness church from the back door, thats why we didnt realize. He told us he has “details about our organization” and invited us in (yeah right dude)… but we just told him we gotta keep going.

We were at Monica and Wanda´s (recent converts) house and I picked up their cat and it whipped around and slightly scratched my face but its not too noticeable. We´re gonna try and teach Monica´s brother. He was married and divorced in like 2 months cuz the girl just married him and took his stuff and divorced him and wont give back his stuff. Its kinda crazy but I really think we´ll be able to help them out. They just got their new member package and the have Teachings of the Prophets: Spencer W Kimball and I was able to find a good chapter about forgiveness. Im almost done with The Miracle of Forgiveness I´ll be finishing it this week it is such a good book I love it and highly recommend it.

Our other investigator, her name is Diana and she is really awesome but really timid and we have been teaching her family but the rest of her family progression wise isn´t as far along as she is because they still aren´t sure they want to obey the law of Chastity, kinda sad but we´re still working with em. Anyways, we dropped by and asked if she has been able to read and pray and she said yeah… and we asked her how she felt and told us “weird” and that was one of the best answers I´ve ever gotten from anyone to hear them say weird rather than just good because we could tell that she really got an answer by the way she said it, it was a cool experience. She didnt go to church though but we´ll see what happens. Also we´ll have to delay Nilda´s baptism one more week because she wasn´t at church because her grandpa died. Neither was Alfredo the really cool guy, apparently he went to Santiago to visit his daughter but I think he´ll get baptized eventually, he says when we teach he feels a “good energy.”

O yeah there was also an Open Chapel activity organized by the missionaries and I was gonna include some pictures but my USB doesn´t fit in the computer. Im not gonna beat around the bush it was pretty much a flop. We had missionaries teach a lil somethin in each room and we taught how the Gospel blesses families. I guess if one person gets baptized out of it, it´ll be a success. All in all it wasn´t BAD like I had fun but missionary work wise it was mas o menus. O yeah I haven´t gotten the package yet, with the Argentine mail system I wouldnt be the least bit surprised if someone is celebrating my birthday without me. Anyways, I hope all is well and everyone is being excellent to each other. Thank you for your prayers, you cant pray too much :) I love you guys!

Elder Singer

PS Josh you look like one of the Bay City Rollers.