August 30th, 2010 browsing by day


Birthday week whoooop!

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Dear Family,
Well, it looks like my predictions from last week could be correct but there´s still hope ( havent gotten the package but it´ll come sooner or later, also we´re figuring out the credit card thing, Elder Papenfuss said you sound like a really nice lady mom haha, he´s a really good guy). But I just wanna thank everyone for the birthday wishes they were really appreciated. Idk if yall know Mom and Dad but yall both sent me versions of what people told me on facebook but thanks I guess some people still know that I haven´t actually fallen off of the face of the Earth.  Thanks for the video I was surprised I was able to watch it but it was really great! It was funny to see the Elders over at the house to and Josh and his Michael Scott comments. You guys still havent perfected the blue steel though haha. Anyways, on my birthday President and Hermana Northcutt called and wished me a happy birthday and said they´re real proud of me and stuff like that and told Elder Hale he had to sing to me because no one else had that day still. O yeah before I forget, my comp is from Fresno and he wasn´t sure if he knew Andrew´s Fiance n stuff, his name is Austin Hale. Btw, Josh never told me his unique experience so you´ll have to update me.
Anyways, this last week was quite an adventure, I saw a dog get run over by chasing a car, I guess thats a lesson in itself. But really, I got some pretty sad news it was rough and I was the one to receive it, Nilda our super hero investigator who was  just about to be baptized called us and told us she wont be able to continue with us, her grandpa just died and she´s taking it really hard. Its sad too because she´s doing the exact opposite of what she should do. But she said maybe later on. Elder Hale and I decided we are going to write her a card with some words of encouragement and love. Other than that everything was good, we had a lot of good lessons and this one mother who´s family is a recent convert, her name is Susanna, we committed her to praying and asking her husband about getting married and he said yes! Which was a great surprise, I guess you gotta know the guy, but she is way awesome. A nice birthday present I had, we almost didnt have any investigators at church and then we had some show up at the end and that was exciting, Im pretty sure we´re gonna have some baptisms this transfer and thats good. Daiana, the girl that received her answer last week didnt go to church because she´s so timid and she´ll only go if her older sister goes and her sister isnt so excited about goin to church anymore for various reasons. Also we went out to visit the Chapa family, the one with like 50 kids, it was like a 3 hour adventure, everything was crazy this weekend because Termas has the race track and we were way far out and we actually had to walk by it and it was intense. But, im running out of time and I gotta go. Thanks so much for the little videos, its alright it didnt make me trunky, they were really entertaining! I love you guys and thanks for all of your prayers and love and support!

Elder Singer