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Mice infestion, happy anniversary mom and dad!!

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Poor dead mouse

Poor dead mouse

Elder Singer & Hale man the display at the church Open House

Elder Singer & Hale man the display at the church Open House

Dear Family,

This week was pretty cool. It was quite eventful and lots of stuff happened. It was good to hear from everyone about stuff. Megan and Anna look way different. Josh, I think you should´ve modeled for the Sonic thing haha why wouldn´t you? O and send me an invitation to the rave neon dance it sounds like its gonna be somethin special. O and Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad!!

Anyways, we had some pretty funny things happen to us this week and some good stuff too. While its fresh on my mind, we were saying our companionship prayer to end the night and I heard this little clap sound in the kitchen. After I went and looked, we had a freshly dead mouse caught in the trap but thats not the half of it. We´re still not sure but there was another mouse lying right next to the dead one and we believe it was playing dead or something but it was so weird because it stayed there. We ended up killing it and I guess you just had to be there.  It was really funny how it all happened. Also I was reading before we went to bed and I saw a mouse out of the corner of my eye run by my feet and we chased it all over the house until we sent it to the spirit world. There was one more mouse and I think that makes a total of 4 for the week.

We found this really crazy guy named Ítalo and I asked Luis if he knew him and he said everyone knows him in Termas for being crazy. It was pretty funny and we sang an Evangelico Hymn with him at the end and we´ve been singing it all week. We told him we were gonna start with a prayer and he says well Ill sing the Hymn too then and we were like uhh sure why not!? Its called Lugar para Cristo (Place/room for Christ). Hey the song of the righteous is a prayer unto Me right? Despite being crazy I was impressed with how well he could sing.

This was pretty awesome, we are teaching Monica, the recent convert’s brother and she told us to come over Saturday night and they with a couple other members of the ward threw a lil surprise party with cake and pizza it was pretty awesome. Elder Hale had his birthday on the 3rd so it was like a little joint party for the two of us. Unfortunately I didnt have my camera with me.

The week at church, we had 5 assistants and we had a really great Testimony meeting. Surprisingly, Daiana came alone and she´s way timid. We were finally able to talk to Gregorio´s parents about him getting baptized and were hoping for this Saturday. Alfredo came to and he´s doing good he´s way awesome. He has a lot of weird phobias and he made a list of them and is gonna face every one of them one at a time. He has panic attacks and was like all nervous and stuff but he said when he got to church he felt a lot better and it helped him feel a lot more calm. Also some of Mauro´s family members came and I think at least some of them will get baptized this transfer. We´re also teaching this family, Gomez’s, and they´re really excited about receiving the lessons but they didnt go to church, not sure why, probably because of the election this week for the mayor. They had some sweet fireworks that we watched from the roof of our pension. Well hope all is well and everyone is being excellent to each other. Make sure you read the scriptures as a family every day. Seriously. Anyways, I love you guys and am grateful for your prayers!

Elder Singer