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Transfer num 4 in Termas!!

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Elders Singer & Monforte, making good use of the mustaches from Mom's birthday package!

Elders Singer & Monforte, making good use of the mustaches from Mom's birthday package!

Elder Mario?

Elder Mario at Zone Conference?

hmmm...not sure who these people are....

hmmm...not sure who these people are....

Way to go Mom on sending moustaches and spiderman masks!

Way to go Mom on sending mustaches and Spiderman masks!

Dear Family,
This week was, well we´ll just say we did some serious rock pushing. It started out with Daiana dropping us. We went over there and she basically didn´t even look us in the eyes and we asked her about her answer that she received and all that and she was like I didn´t feel anything. It was rough. She is like the youngest of 7 kids and she was the only one that used to listen to us and now none of em want to. Also 2 of our other baptismal dates fell because they´ve got like this crazy dad and he doesn´t want us to go over there anymore but we still have hope with them I think they´ll get baptized eventually, just not this transfer. But yeah we had a lot of investigators drop us this week but we found some decent new investigators.

This was pretty interesting, this evangelic lady gave me a 20 minute sermon while my comp got his haircut and I can´t explain to you how crazy she was and I was trying so hard not to laugh. She was telling me all this crazy stuff how she has 9 of the spiritual gifts and on and on it was just a bunch of empty rhetoric and I didnt bother arguing with her because when it comes to the crazies you just gotta nod and smile. Sometimes I´m not that good at it though because they´ll say stuff that totally aren´t true and I´ll just let them keep going and they´ll tell me something like hey… why are you looking at me like you don´t agree??

We had zone conference. It was pretty awesome and really fun. President always seems to tell us exactly what we need to hear. I can tell he really loves us and is going to be way sad to go back home, I think he finishes here in June. My package arrived!!! I took some really awesome pictures and you´ll soon be able to tell when you see them that I enjoyed the gifts. We had a blast right after zone conference we opened it and the whole zone was watching me open each and every one of them it was fun. I almost all the brownies they´re pretty good haha after 2 months but… the next morning….:)

We got some crazy news this morning! Elder Hale is leaving to La Quiaca (key ah ka) (the furthest north point of the mission to be branch president in Jujuy!) and is leaving tomorrow morning!! Its sad and we´ve been saying goodbye to people all day and I think Im gonna be in the capital of Santiago for another week until we have the normal transfers. It was quite a surprise. Looks like I´ll be here for a 4th transfer!! Anyways, Im outta time and I gotta go. Here are the answers to the questions:

Questions this week are:

Q1. How are your shoes holding up? Nate, it looks like your shoes have a nice dusty look and have turned a tan dusty color. I gather the roads are pretty dusty and unpaved, but if I might suggest, they will last longer, if you shine them and get the dirt particles off occasionally. Otherwise, the dirt will get into the pores of the leather and wear out a lot faster. “Just sayin’ .”

A1: I shine them like twice a week. We walk on some roads that are softer than sand and we just get covered in dust. My shoes are basically falling apart. Ive got holes in the bottom and the top but they are comfy.

Q2. Where do you go for general conference? Do you see it live or on tape delay?

A2: live, Im goin to Santiago!

Q3. Do you get the church magazines?

A3: yeah but the Latinos get theirs before us but I usually take a Spanish one

Q4: Anything else you are dying to tell your family…………

A4: you should send me ties, tums and the thing about the card, try and get on my online account and you should be able to order it that way, also this Grandma from Buenos Aires came to Termas and she´s a temple worker and she talked in Sac meeting, It reminded me of Grandma Fran!!

I love you guys and I really enjoyed your letters. Im really excited for this upcoming conference and hope to hear from everyone about it.

Elder Singer