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Written by admin on September 19th, 2010

Santiago Zone Conference

Gregorio's Baptism

Gregorio's Baptism

Elder Brinton & Singer

Elder Brinton & Singer

Dear Family, This week was pretty solid too and I was glad to hear from many of you. I got 2 letters from some friends at BYU and that was kinda cool. Some of the best letters are the ones that you get from people who you thought would never write you. Anyways, the package still hasn´t got here… I was joking before about the Argentine mail service but now I´m really starting to wonder. But anyways, this week was cool, it started off awesome with us going to buy mouse traps. We went to go buy them and the guy was just about to close his store and he was gettin ready to leave with his wife and we started talking to them. They told us that they have every material thing any other family would want but that they were having marriage problems and they cant quite find peace. We gave them a Book of Mormon and explained what it was and the Mom started crying. The dad told us that it was crazy that we were able to find them and he said that it was like God had sent us. We were really excited but I didnt get to help teach them because I went on an exchange again in Borges in Santiago Capital but apparently it turned out really great but unfortunately they didnt go to church. Elder Hale had a really cool experience teaching them by the way, he told me that everything just kind of fell into place with timing and everything and the mother was really touched and gave one of the most sincere prayers he has ever heard, I wish I could have been there.

On Thursday, we had a 3 zone conference in Tucuman in which one of the 70´s came and it was really awesome. It was cool to see all of these missionaries I knew and didnt know but I got to see Elder Brinton from my group which has been forever. The 70 was named Elder Foster and he was a cool guy. We talked about the importance of Ward councils because most Ive attended never really come to conclusions and they just kinda talk about whatever and that “you cant program people into heaven.” He also talked about how God answers prayers and that he really does hear them. He showed us a video from discovery about how perfect the universe is and how everything is in perfect balance and it was like some of the things God showed to Moses in the book of Moses and how we can apply that to us. Elder Foster I think started learning Spanish about 4 weeks ago and I was blown away how well he could speak in that short of time. Surely there was some divine help there. Also Elder Perez was there and we got to talk for a good while on the bus about all of our crazy memories from being in Concepcion. Its kinda scary how fast my time is flying but I feel like I´ll already be leaving the Termas pretty soon here.

Later that day, I got to go on an exchange with Elder Carrari and it was fun. He knows a lot and is fun to work with and I was talking to him and he´s really helped me learn a couple of things about myself. We were in a lesson and I was talking and he looked at me with big eyes and told me to hurry up and I later found out he was way close to throwing up and when we got back he finished the job.

On Friday Gregorio got baptized! It was really great, not a whole lot of people were there because our cellphone doesnt have credit so we couldnt call anyone but there were enough people and it was so awesome to see him get baptized. He has been an investigator for forever and he looked way happy to finally get baptized. I got to confirm him the next day and I was really nervous but then all of it went away and it turned out well. The next day at church one of the guys from the Stake was there and talked about every blessing he has has been from serving a mission and told Gregorio from the pulpit that he was going to serve a mission. That has always been one of my dreams/goals in the back of my head that one of the people I baptize serves a mission I just think that would be the coolest. Well thats about all, thanks for the videos and pictures and stuff they are great! Thanks for all of your prayers too I love and miss you guys!

Elder Singer

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