October 25th, 2010

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Wuv and mawage

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Dear Family,

This week was pretty cool, I really enjoyed the letters from everyone! Dad I really liked the pictures my comp says I look just like you and that is pretty odd that you turn your foot out when you shoot too haha. Try to send a couple more the next week if you can. And mom that makes me really happy that I´m finally gonna get a card and yeah I have no idea if there´s a Banco Francies, my comp says he supposes so but doesn´t know but yeah don´t worry about doin that just send me the card and I will be content.

Anyways this week was pretty eventful, my comp was pretty sick the beginning of the week and our numbers were suffering. His stomach had been hurting him a lot and I think he threw up. But yeah I got to study a whole lot so that was nice. We´ve been having a whole bunch of doctrinal discussions they´re pretty interesting. We did a whole day of service too and we put in a roof at our investigators house, Adrian, and some other little things it was pretty fun. Their house is a lot different now and they´re in a really humble situation. On Friday Adrian got married to his girlfriend and if everything goes right he should get baptized this Saturday. We´ll be visiting him every day this week to help him prepare. We also had another investigator there named Juan Jose, he´s a good guy he´s an ex Jehovah´s witness and his wife still is, he didnt like how they pressured him there. We always pray that the speakers will say something that will touch our investigators and the meeting was great along with the talks. Ive been in Branches my whole mission and its a lot different to be in a Ward I feel like there is less weight on my shoulders and its more organized. Seeing Priesthood holders everywhere is a lot different.

Like I was saying earlier my comp was sick for a while and our numbers were pretty bad so we had to pick it up at the end of the week and we needed a miracle so we made one. We had a member go around with us the last two days of the week and were able to find some good people. We found this really awesome family and it turns out they have family members in Buenos Aires that are members of the church. They seem pretty Catholic but we were able to set a baptisimal date if they feel that its true. AND I´m pretty sure they were married it was great. All of the Argentines I have been with that are missionaries have been really good with people and my comp is like that he can make a grumpy grandma from Buenos Aires fall in love with him if he wanted to, it sounds like a bad comparison but he basically did it the other night its impressive haha. Btw we accomplished all of the goals for the week except church assistance, just 2 more!

The worst part about the week was somethin really sad happened. My comp´s best friend who was inactive for a while reactivated and got his call not to long ago and had been in our mission for 6 months and he got a call that his father just had an accident at work and died. My comp left last night to spend his last night with his friend before he left home this morning. We aren´t sure if he´s gonna be coming back or not but make sure to keep him in your prayers, his name is Elder Gutierrez.

Thats about all for today, thanks everyone for the letters I really appreciate it and I hope you guys are all good! I´ll send some pics next week.


Elder Singer