La Loma week 1

Written by admin on October 18th, 2010

Dear Family,

Hey everybody! Well, this week was pretty cool, let me tell you being in a pension with 5 other missionaries is quite an adventure. Its 3 latinos and 3 gringos and its been really fun. At first it was a lil awkward but we started saying a pension prayer before we go to bed and its united us a lot. Its cool because we pray for each others investigators by name and  One of the nights we started praying and I busted a gut laughing I was trying so hard to hold it in and it just got worse. I felt a lil bad but I couldn´t stop. In our pension we have Elder Valle (comp, Buenos Aires ), Ramos (chile), Judd (US but fam is living in England), Campos (Chile, he wants to write Tasha hahaha he calls me cuñado = brother in law, he wants me to tell him how our family is doing), and Savage (draper utah), o and me. But yeah I like La Loma a lot! At the beginning of the week I was a lil stressed because this area is really big and learning a new area is always difficult and I was missing the Termas but the members are really great and they give us a lunch schedule for the month its like… we´re in the states!! We´ve got the coolest ward mission leader, his name is Hermano Barañado and was baptized 30 years ago. He did Karate and he asks me about Wrestling, I always have to tell them, “but not like Wrestling on TV” haha. He´s a cool humble old guy and he helps us a lot. I had to go up and introduce myself and bear my Testimony on Sunday and my Spanish came out of me really good and a lot of people told me I speak well.

Being with a Latino for just a week has helped my Spanish a ton. Elder Valle and I get along pretty well. He reminds me a lot of Brad Singer like his personality and his facial expressions, I´ll have to send a photo I haven´t taken any since Ive gotten here. He´s in the same group as Elder Perez and has 4 months left. He´s a pretty fun guy too just way chill and is cool with whatever. He´s a really good teacher too and has helped me a lot with my teaching. Its a little difficult to get into doors here and the people are a lot less nicer here. Like a couple people every day will pretty much yell at us. We´ve found some pretty cool investigators this week, we found this 22 year old guy named Jonathan and he looked kinda like a dud but we asked him what he thinks a prophet would be and he basically explained it better than some missionaries and me and my comp looked at each other like this guy is a member he´s messing with us. And then he asked me what my first name is and I said Nathan, and he said oh yeah like the prophet Nathan, hardly anyone knows who the prophet Nathan is, impressive… haha it was cool but yeah he committed to reading and praying but he didnt go to church. Just like in Termas, we don´t have credit anymore on our cellphone but we do have 2 other companionships in the pension so it´ll be alright. To get to our area we have to walk on railroad tracks and when I´m bored I balance and one time I slipped and almost fell and I heard laughing and there were a couple of people just sittin outside bein Argentine and laughing at me it was funny. Another time on the railroad tracks we chased a donkey like a whole block it was fun, we´ve found them a lil difficult to mount.

Today for Pday, now that things are close!, we went and played soccer and basketball. I actually didn´t do too bad in Soccer, I was a somewhat useful gringo and basically the gringos dominate in Basketball. It was pretty fun but we´ll be sore for a bit. The chapel is close too so sometimes we wake up a lil extra early and go play basketball or soccer. O yeah, and this Elder, Elder Jones, he started a couple months ago and he was in my BYU ward it was way weird. He´s a pretty cool guy but I didn´t know him that well. Anyways, I gotta go, I love you guys and thanks for your letters! Have fun in Russia Dad and make sure to send pictures!


Elder Singer

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