Written by admin on October 4th, 2010

Dear Family,

Well I´m gonna start this letter off with a confession because I totally lied about staying in Termas!! Right now I just got sent to La Loma in Salta Capital. Its been quite a crazy week. Anyways so after hearing that Elder Hale was leaving to La Quiaca I was like way sure I was going to stay in the Termas so I had been working in Santiago Capital all week long with Elder Barnes. Elder Barnes is from Chicago and he went to BYU for a year and we had fun talking about it and it kinda made me miss it. But yeah we worked a lot and we got to teach a lot. He´s training a Chileano named Elder Roca he´s a pretty cool kid. I´m almost starting to feel old in the mission, 9 months already thats crazy. Anyways, when I was with Elder Barnes we taught a whole lot of the first lesson and we helped one of his investigators start to quit smoking. We had her put her cigarette box under her bed and every time she wants to smoke she has to kneel down by her bedside and pray for the strength to stop smoking. This whole week I was basically like the lone wolf and just going where ever. After being sure for a while that I was staying in Termas, we got the call that I was leaving to La Loma here in Salta Capital close to the officinas and I´d be with Elder Valle. That night I traveled back with Elder Monforte to Termas and packed my stuff and said goodbye to a few people. I got to see Luis and his family. I also went to say goodbye to Monica and Wanda and some of the seminary kids showed up. I shared a scripture about charity and it was sad because I cried a lil bit and so did Monica. She gave me some cologne. Elder Carrari says it smells like a cologne for married men so I´ll have to wait wear it then. Anyways, after saying goodbye, we went back and I packed my stuff and I went back to Santiago for the conference. It kinda stunk because I didn´t really get to say goodbye to a whole lot of people but I´m gonna write my testimony and send it to the Branch in Las Termas. Whenever 2 new missionaries come to an area its called a white wash and thats basically whats going to happen to Termas so I will prepare the area book with maps and information that the new missionaries will need to know.

Anyways, Conference was a blast, it was fun to see so many of the members from the Santiago stake and to hear the voice of Pres Monson. I took a ton of notes too, I´ve noticed it goes by a lot faster when I take notes and its harder to fall asleep (hint hint :D). Anyways, I can´t remember all of the ones I liked because I dont have my notes with me but I liked the one about the 5 aspects of living a consecrated live by Elder Christofferson, the reiteration of beware of pride by Pres Uchtdorf, and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost every day by Elder Bednar. I also liked the one about the need for the balance of the personal and priesthood lines by Elder Oaks. It helped a lot with some of the excuses people give me for not needing a religion.  Anyways, after conference I left this morning at 9 from Santiago and I got to ride with Elder Carrari who is getting sent to Jujuy! It was a lil sad to say goodbye to everyone but now I´m here in Salta with Elder Valle, he´s from Buenos Aires and he seems really cool, he´s a lot shorter than me and I could like rest my arm on his head. I forgot my camera (I took so many awesome pictures too!! glad you liked the mustache ones though haha), its been a lil crazy and I haven´t had any real time to unpack and the pension is really small; what makes it even smaller, is that its the only pension besides the office Elders that have 6 missionaries!!! I´m pretty excited because so far I´ve only been in 2 man pensions. The area sounds interesting… I´m excited though I get to be with a Latino finally! Anyways I gotta go, I love you guys and I can´t wait to hear from you again, thanks for all that yall do for me and I hope you all will study the words of our prophets intently.


Elder Singer

PS Too bad about BYU too!! que verguenza

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