Noah built an ark because there was gonna be a flood

Written by admin on October 18th, 2010

Dear Family,

Wow I really enjoyed the letters from everyone they were really enjoyable. Josh is becoming a little man and Dad happy birthday!! you are almost half a century old thats pretty impressive [from the admin: 48 years old to be exact]. I really liked the photos from Russia but one of them didn´t show up but my favorite is the one of the little hallway looking toward the castle thing. I like what you said about 2 Ne 2 dad. We actually explain that to people all the time, everyone thinks that if they go to church nothing bad would happen to them, but if it weren´t for all those bad things, progression would be very slow and make you incapable to live in God´s presence. Life is like a giant staircase and you just gotta keep climbing. Every affliction is just another big opportunity to get that much closer to God. Its kinda like Ether 12:27 too, God gives us weaknesses so that we´ll come closer to him and he´ll show us how to make them strengths. Reading Tasha´s letter, I couldn´t quite tell if she is still in Germany or left for China.

Anyways, this week wasn´t super eventful, but we´ve been working a ton with one of our investigators Adrian to get married to the member he is living with. Its a lot of stuff to do and we´ve basically done everything for them, they´re a lil lazy but they´re progressing… They´ve got this little kid, they call him Chato and he´s probably the craziest little kid I have ever met in my life, I think his parents would agree with me. We also have a couple of other investigators and they are kind of progressing. Like they tell us that they always pray to find the truth, and they have, they just haven´t realized it yet. Its just they have their emotional testimonies with the Bible and being the dancin and singin Christians and they have a hard time imagining the existence of another book of scripture. We knocked a bunch of doors this week too and found some pretty new good investigators. We get to knock a lot and the people are a lil nuts. A lot have little things on their door that says “We are Catholic and will not accept other doctrine.”… or something along those lines but we knock those anyways. Elder Valle is a pretty fun guy, we get to talk a lot because we´re in the street all the time and he told me he´s changed a lot. Anyone from Buenos Aires is called a porteño and thats where he´s from and they´re all really known for being really prideful and he said the mission has humbled him a lot.

Apart from missionary stuff, lots of crazy stuff has happened. Being in a 6 man penison continues to be an adventure. Last monday I forgot to tell yall, this kid while we were playing soccer fell and his knee cap was on the side of his knee and I ran over and pushed it back into place. Elder Ramos from Chile who is in my group has been waking up with me and teaching me soccer techniques all week. One of the days I totally ate it hard and I have a huge scab on my leg. This morning we went and played soccer again and we rented this little turf field it was super fun. We played gringos vs latinos and we actually beat them! Everyone was super dead after. Elder Johnson my MTC comp was there, he´s in my zone its cool to see him again. After we played, everyone left and my comp took a nap and I sat down and read Alma 5. Now remember, it has a good 61 verses right? Yeah so basically all that time I heard this water running and while I was reading I heard water running I thought my comp was getting ready or something. Turns out I forgot to turn the water off from when I was washing my clothes and I flooded like half the pension, it was pretty insane but I was able to clean it all up but it all added up to a great day and my comp slept through the whole thing. O yeah, other crazy thing, last night outside of our pension people put a lil concert thing outside right in front and it was insanely loud, I dont know how I did it but I was able to fall asleep. But yeah thats about it from this week, it was pretty epic, I´ve gotten a handful of letters from friends from back home its been a nice surprise and I´m working on writing them back. I love you guys and I hope everything keeps goin good, tell Tyler Walke to write me.


Elder Singer

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