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even the little birds

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Dear Family,

Wow this week was pretty awesome and lots of crazy stuff happened. I really enjoyed everyones letters they were pretty enjoyable and the pictures were even better. After the volleyball pictures, I wasn´t able to see the other ones you sent me dad, maybe you can try next week. Sorry about your wallet by the way, that really stinks but remember its one of those things you wont be able to take to the next life but sometimes pains in the butt have their eternal consequences. Thanks for writing me Josh, it was well appreciated. Megan and Anna have changed a lot its kinda weirding me out. I loved your costumes they are awesome.

Wellllll…. my week was quite eventful too. As you can see we had our baptism it was pretty good now that they´re all married and stuff. He´s a good guy, he looks like a robber but he´s a pretty cool dude. He almost didn´t make it to church on sunday either because somebody tried to rob them really early in the morning and they had the police over and everything when church started but luckily he made it and was confirmed. The week started out pretty crazy. I had exchanges with Elder Ramos from Chile, he has the same time as me in the mission. This day in particular we happened to have lunch with a guy I´ve never eaten with before and he´s a really nice guy but way crazy. So we get to his house and knock the door and this super drunk guy answers the door and his mouth is full of coca leaves and is drooling all over his shirtless beer gut and starts telling us how his favorite little bird had escaped and he was really mad about it. His brother is the member (they´re both like 50 ish) and we sit down with him to eat and his drunk brother starts yelling at him and bawling his eyes out and blaming his brother for the escape of his favorite bird and then this lady who I´m pretty sure was 100 years old starts yelling at them about how God´s presence can´t be in their house if they behave like this and the member guy gets super defensive. I could not look at Elder Ramos because he was gonna make me bust up laughing. We finish up eating and the mom asks us to say a prayer for her son and while she promises him she´ll buy a new one. We sit down and I tell the guy… you know… its one of God´s creations so you´ll get to live with your bird again some day… Elder Ramos starts the prayer and in the prayer he says somethin like help him know that his bird is happy and flying free in the air… We finally got out of there and we just about fainted from laughing so hard it was HILARIOUS. I felt a lil bad for them though but we just couldn´t help it! It made for a great story that night. We weren´t able to do a lot more that day because I was afflicted with….<snip>  but we were able to teach a couple of lessons anyway. Later that week during studies we all started talking about the second coming and we all threw out our own guess of when it was gonna be and there was a knock at the door. We answered and it was a Jehovah´s Witness and all 6 of us showed up at the door. I felt bad for him, he was like shaking n stuff, he even asked us if there was any more of us there. I´ve never really liked to bible bash but some of the missionaries started to ask him questions  and he got really frustrated but it ended on a good note. We think the next week they´re going to send in the big guns or never come back.

O yeah the craziest thing happened this week! A high council guy came to the ward yesterday and he´s like 25 years old and I went up and talked to him after and he started speaking to me in english and that almost always means they served in the states but yeah he says to me do you have a brother in LA? I said no…? why? did you serve a mission. He said, yes, in Los Angeles. I said Do you know Brad Singer? And he said yeah he was my DL and ZL! He said I look a lot like him. It was a pretty awesome experience but holy cow small world.

Today we played soccer for pday and I didnt play very good, my comp says I play like a “brute” haha but the gringos beat the latinos again. I actually had a goal too surprisingly enough. There was almost a fight too some of the missionaries get a lil to serious about it its a Pday soccer game. Well thats about all for the week. I love you guys and hope all is well! portense bien!


Elder Singer