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The Standard of Truth

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Dear Family,

This week was pretty cool. Thanks for everyone´s letters! I really enjoyed them and congrats
mom on the new calling thats pretty awesome. Crazy that you guys might go to Nauvoo for Youth Conference that would be way cool. It sounds like Stake Conference went really well. We´ll be having ours in just a little bit. O and I was able to locate a Banco Frances and we went and its a little more complicated than I thought whenever we do stuff like this its guaranteed to be complicated just because its just a really inefficient society. But yeah what can you do. I´m not getting Tasha´s letters by the way I´m not sure why. Btw this one might be a lil shorter than normal because my email was freaking out on me and I had to start over.

The week started off cool. We got to have a lil birthday party for Elder Ramos and we used all the party stuff for my birthday and that was great. We even played pin the tail on the donkey and wore our spiderman masks. There happened to be 8 missionaries there too because they did an exchange and stayed for the next morning for district meeting. We cooked something that would be an equivalent to a BBQ in the states.

It looks like La Loma is progressing too. We have found some good new investigators and the ones that we have are making progress. Our top investigator Juan Jose, who we found out isn´t really named that, just Juan, has formed the habit of going to church and it looks like we´ll be seeing him tonight with 2 other members. We´ve been inviting his kids and 2 of them have gone now too. My comp has been teaching me a lot too. He´s a really good teacher and he´s just got a really great ability to explain people things so that they can understand. I´ve been studying a lot trying to better my teaching abilities a lot lately and he´s been giving me lots of opportunities to teach and lead the discussion. I found this book in the pension called Tracting and it was like a pump up for me and it was really good. It talks about the importance of being out knocking doors as much as you can finding people to teach, using your time wisely and  some really good teaching techniques. O and the Elder whose father passed away, he came back to the mission and my comp and him went to see him at the terminal right before he left back to Juyjuy.

This last week something kinda crazy happened. This guy in the street who had a beer bottle in his hands basically tried to rob my comp from some of the food he had in his bag and he said no and the dude got really mad. Luckily we were able to get out of it and got back to the pension but he followed us there and threatened us. He left eventually, we think he was just way drugged out and he probably doesn´t remember it happening. But don´t worry we´re OK. (IDK if you guys wanna leave this out.)

We had the Elder Alluid from the 70 come to the mission home and the 2 zones in Salta and he just made a fireside out of the air. He went up and asked us if we had any questions and wrapped them all up into a big awesome lesson it was really impressive. He´s from Buenos Aires and he told me he found out about the church in Clear Lake, Texas close to Houston I´m pretty sure I wrestled there once. He talked about how we are like angels in the lives of other people and gave the example of the dedication of Ammon to the king Lamoni.

On Sunday Juan came and it looked like he really enjoyed the testimony meeting and had a big smile on his face after. I got to play the piano and guess what… they asked me to play for the primary program!! I have to learn like 9 songs but they look pretty easy, I already know most of them. I´ve only got a month to prepare, it ought to be interesting…

This Friday is transfers! We´re going to find out what happens and I´m pretty sure Elder Valle is leaving because we talked the assistants the other day when we said bye to his friend and they gave us some inside information. Well I gotta go now. Sorry this one´s a lil short. I love you guys and miss you and I hope all is well. Tell Brad I´ll write him in a bit, he wrote me and that was really good. I´ll be excited to speak to him in Spanish after the mission. I got his message from the other guy in my stake here.


Elder Singer

PS you guys should send me like 1 joke per week. But make sure they are not like english puns because I have to tell them in Spanish haha