La loma Transfer 2 with Elder Watkins

Written by admin on November 17th, 2010

Dear Family,

This week was pretty decent, not a whole lot to tell but I already have a new comp here in La Loma. Elder Valle got transferred to Guemes, its a lil town outside of Salta but he´s still in my zone so all see him every Thursday. That was too bad that Tasha got transferred but I knew she was gonna head outta there pretty soon. Its been hard both times I have left my 2 areas. Yeah I got the Halloween package by the way and one of the Christmas ones but I didn´t see a livesaver thing… did you send me 2 Christmas packages? I gave the advent calender to Elder Valle haha he was pretty excited about it. And yeah I told you what happened with the bank. I got the letter from Tyler, Megan Fox, Kelsi Williams, and Myley Cyrus. I wasn´t expecting so many dear johns in one letter but hey… their loss. Tyler said I never wrote him on his mission but I did, I´m gonna try to write him next Pday… and if I dont have time then… the next one haha.
This last week with Elder Valle wasn´t too eventful. We completed all the goals but we didn´t have any investigators at church. Juan got sick and we´re gonna see him this saturday it looks like because he´s going out of town. We had our interviews with President and that was cool. He´s a pretty intense guy but the interview was good. He really loves us missionaries and I can tell he´s gonna be really sad to go back to the states I think he has till July. I found out he was a professor of religion. That explains a lot. My new comp Elder Watkins seems like a really nice guy and a hard worker. He´s from Sugar Hill Utah I think its called and went to Utah State for a year. He said that his grandpa worked with Dairy and lives in Logan and I told him there is no way that our Grandpas don´t know each other, but this grandpa´s last name is Plowman. He just told me that both of his grandparents live in Logan too! small world. Just so yall know this email might be a lil short because I´ve been bouncing back emails with Dad. This one kid that is getting ready to leave on his mission gave a talk to the parents about the importance of duty to God and some of the special experiences he has had with his dad. I kinda choked up a bit and so did Elder Valle and it kinda made me miss you guys. He´s the son of Hermano Barañado and his Mom died at birth and the Hermano had to raise for the last 20 years his kids alone. He´s one of the most Christlike people I have ever met and he loves to talk about temples and to share the gospel. He is our ward mission leader and he helps us a lot. We got to say goodbye to all the families that Elder Valle wanted to say goodbye to and that was nice. This dog jumped on me and I didn´t see it coming and I spilled orange soda all over my white shirt. I´m a lil nervous to teach the area to someone else because its really big but I think it will be fun with Elder Watkins. Anyways I gotta wrap things up now. I love you guys and thank you for your letters, hope all is well with everyone and that you continue to do well in all that you do.


Elder Singer

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