December 12th, 2010 browsing by day


can you feel it? its the Christmas spirit!

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Dear Family,
This week was decent, a little rough but we worked really hard. We´ve all started listening to Christmas music and it makes me a little trunky (miss home) Christmas was the best at home. The only weird thing is the seasons are backwards and it doesn´t feel quite like Christmas but its ok. On Christmas we are barely allowed to leave because basically in Argentina everyone gets super drunk and people always wanna mess with us when they are drunk, its pretty dangerous. Anyways, sounds like everyone is doing good but I didnt get a weekly letter from Dad, he sounds a little sick, but I did hear from Megan and Josh so that was good. Also from Grandma too, she always has really nice stuff to say about me.
To start, we went and taught Estela again. She is way awesome and really receptive and already talking about her baptism. We left her Alma 5 to read and she said she really liked it and prayed about it and says that she feels that it it true. The thing thats gonna be crazy is that she leaves to Buenos Aires right after Christmas and if she doesn´t go these 3 Sundays in a row then she may have to get baptized over there, thats okay I guess. She didn´t go to church this week though that kinda stunk but it was probably because of the rain. I´m pretty sure I explained in letters before but when it rains here hardly anyone leaves. There were about half the members in church which was a little sad, a lot of people bore their testimony and talked about how this last year was. I got to teach the class in Elder´s quorum and my comp taught the class in principles of the Gospel. It basically rained the whole day and we were outside the same amount of time but knocking doors in the rain is the best because it makes people think you are crazy. This guy yelled at us and told us to go home and drink tea. Also we went and did service in one of the brother´s work shops and it was alright, I was feeling like a real grease monkey after. Also I did divisions with Elder Dillree from Wyoming and he´s a really cool guy. We get along good and he´s a good missionary, I think he has a little more than 6 months. Speaking of time I can´t believe today is 11 months, the time is flying by and I almost have one year. All the members say I have such little time but once I hit a year they are all going to say how old I am and I´m already about to go home.
Sorry there´s not a whole lot of exciting stuff to tell but our district is still super fun but lately there´s been a little drama, I think its pretty funny how we all get to know each others´ pet peeves and they´ll start jerking each other around but it does make things rather interesting. Today we played soccer, again, its getting intense. Elder Ramos and I are becoming really good friends, we decided that we´re going to invite each other to our weddings haha. Also the card thing, I think everything is gonna be alright. About calling home, I think everything will work out alright too, I just gotta find a place to do it but I will let yall know ASAP. Thanks for the support from everyone, I love you guys and hope everything is going well!

Elder Singer