January 10th, 2011

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Chijra week 2

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Dear Family,

This week was great! I hope you like the sound recordings, pretty sweet huh?  Apparently before I got to Jujuy it hardly ever rains but this time of summer it rains like crazy and since I´ve been here it has rained every day I think. We found some more good people and Claudia, the lady we found last week came to church! Today was probably one of the most fun Pdays ever we did alot of cool stuff! I took a ton of sweet pictures and Idk whats been happening but I can´t see the pictures right now I think my card picked up some sort of virus in these trustworthy Argentine cybers… I´m gonna see what I can do. The camera shows that I have the files so we´ll just have to see.

I enjoyed everyone´s letters and I thought Megan´s story was pretty funny about not knowing how to say my area. O by the way mom, my area is basically in the capital of Juyjuy, San Salvador, its just right outside. You´ll just have to look up San Salvador Juyjuy. This week started off alright we taught lots of lessons and found some cool people. We found this one 17 year old kid and he does Judo and travels around the world doing that. I was able to relate to him because Judo and wrestling are pretty similar. He didn´t go to church this week because he left to Salta for the weekend but he said the closing prayer and from what he said it really sounded like he was going to progress. Also we´ve really kicked it up a notch with the ward because they didn´t have a ward mission plan and we are really going to get our ward mission leader involved, Luis, I think I told yall about him last week, he´s awesome, he gave his first talk this week! Also we had a sweet district meeting. Elder Carter is our district leader and we talked a lot about setting goals. Then we started talking about personal goals and reading the Book of Mormon every day. Somebody told a story about an area 70 from here who has read the BoM every day for so many years (I actually met him when I was in Termas) and how it had changed his life. We then made the goal to read it every day of our lives until we die.  I felt something really powerful in that moment like what I had done just got sealed up in heaven. Ever since then I have been reading and studying the Book of Mormon like crazy and I can see a difference and in a weird way I feel afraid to not read it. This week I ate with the strongest man in all of Juyjuy, he´s really short but he is jacked! He´s a member and he owns 2 gyms. Both his parents were weight lifters and he won strongest man at 18 years old in all of South America.

We taught Claudia for the second time, it was alright, because she didn´t read so we put a lot of stress on that the second time but she seems really good. She did come to church though! That was cool and I played the piano, I still get super nervous and I don´t really have time to practice. I dont have a whole lot of time to tell yall about it but we taught an English class on Saturday night! It was sweet!

Today for Pday we went to a place called Puramarca, also called the hill of 7 colors where we were, and it was awesome! I hiked a sweet hill and I ate Llama! It doesn´t taste that weird but now I can say I´ve eaten it! Alright well I´m just about out of time I´ll see what I can do about the pictures… I love you guys and miss you!


Elder Singer