Chijra week 1

Written by admin on January 3rd, 2011

What happened on August 29th?

What happened on August 29th?

What happened on August 29th?

Dear Family,

This week was sweet! Chijra is pretty awesome its a great place and its not to big either. We didn´t have a whole lot to work with when I got here but we found lots of good people this week! I´m glad to hear that a lot of you had a good New Year, ours wasn´t that eventful but I cooked like crazy!! I made some sort of chicken recipe with mustard honey and butter, that a Sister gave me and I tried it out it turned out pretty good. We also made Ice cream, fried pre-made french fries, and root beer! I was feeling like quite the cook. I cant promise you I felt very good after but I do believe it was worth it.  I got a letter from Aunt Linda and that was great to hear from someone different and its way cool that Uncle Pat is the Ward Mission Leader, its a pretty intense calling, ours is 19 years old! His name is Luis he is a way cool guy and getting ready to go on a mission. Thanks for all the talks by the way, are all of those found in this coming Liahona? I sure hope so I haven´t had a lot of time to I didn´t print them all off. They seem way good.

Elder Silva is a great guy and we have alot of fun together. I thought it was funny that Anna told me that she likes to dance to the Bollywood song because it turns out that my comp really likes the music from Bollywood. All I can think of with Bollywood is Frau Kidd and her crazy gypsy dance she would do every once in a while. Apparently its popular in Peru. He´s a really good soccer player too. We went and played soccer with the 2 zones in Jujuy and it was pretty intense. I got a goal and it looks like all those mornings of playing soccer paid off haha. Also for Christmas we got together and sang songs for sick people. We didn´t find many people to sing to in the hospital but after we went to the plaza and we found an 80 year old guy who we taught for the first time earlier this week. We sang the Spirit of God and he seemed really touched. When we found him he threw his arms in the air and said looking at my name tag ”DECEDENT OF THE FOUNDERS OF THE GREAT SEWING MACHINE: SINGER!!!” He was a pretty interesting guy. After that we went together as a zone and ate tacos and talking to the other missionaries in our zone. I can´t believe I have just about a year, the new missionaries coming in ask me how much time I have and I feel old almost. I try to make them feel welcome because I remember how hard it was to be new in the mission. There´s a new missionary who´s from the ward of all the Farmville guys apparently we crossed roads when we were at BYU.

Ah this is really funny for the Callister family. There´s a missionary named Elder Johnson in my mission and he is crazy but super funny. Apparently he worked for Uncle Rick and said he almost asked Michelle out to some Mormon Prom.  He told me he would always rob Uncle Rick and make him buy the family ticket for the boy scout breakfast too. I was bustin’ a gut and he was like man we are family! giving me a big hug and everything (he greets all the missionaries Argentine style… with a kiss haha). There are lots of other cool missionaries in these two zones too, Elder Hardy my district leader in Termas told me today I´m one of the best missionaries he knows and it felt great.

About the area, its a Branch still but I think its got enough Priesthood to be a ward. The strongest man in Juyjuy and 2nd strongest in Argentina is in my Branch and he owns 2 gyms! Our Branch President served a mission too and is a  terrific guy. We don´t have a whole lot of investigators but this week we found some good people like I was saying earlier, one of them is Claudia. We found her last night and she said she always would see the missionaries and wondered what we were about but never talked to us. She has a really strong testimony of the existence of God and she accepted the baptisimal invitation! We´ll see what happens, I´m really excited to keep teaching her. Thats about all I have time for but this week was a blast and this week we are gonna work like crazy I´m super excited what is coming up this next week. I love you guys and I hope yall are reading scriptures as a family, if not, new years resolution!


Elder Singer

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