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Written by admin on January 17th, 2011

Dear Family,

Hey everyone! This week was so cool! So much good stuff happened and I feel way excited to see what happens with all the good people we are finding! There´s so much to tell! I really enjoyed everyones letters btw all the kids wrote me! I kinda miss joking around with you guys all the time but I´m able to do it all the time here, Elder Carter (other missionary in Chijra that I live with) are becoming pretty good friends, he´s a really great guy and super patient, his comp just loves to clean. Lots of funny stuff happened this week too. This guy was talking us in the street about being a missionary for his Evangelic church and how it helped him get out of drugs. The guy apparently received the missionaries. He told us that the Bible is the only holy book and right as we were shaking hands he told us he had a dream with Omni and then said ”vi una columna de luz” (the exact first words of the first vision, I saw a pillar of light) and apparently Omni told him his life story. Then he said that he knows the gold and brass plates exist. Maybe he´ll get baptized when his church is done contracting him. Other funny thing my comp started singing the worm song (”nobody likes me everybody hates me I guess Ill go eat worms”) I had no idea that it existed in Spanish but after I sang it to him in English. Also the jujuy´s strongest man gave us some workout suggestions and my comp and I are putting on muscles haha. Today we played soccer and I kept laying people out on accident because I couldn´t stop with the shoes I have and so I decided to play goalie and I had 2 of the coolest saves I think you guys would have been proud of me. :) O yeah! This week I got the package, the candy lasted not even a day but I loved the calendars and some of the other random stuff yall sent me. you guys may have to calm down a lil bit with all the random stuff you send me I´m running out of space. I got a letter from Grandma, the Neeleys, Aunt Carol, Aunt Steph, and Stacy! Maybe someone else I can´t remember…

Anyways, missionary work things that happened this week, we´ll start out with Neli. She came to the English class and we went and taught her and she started off telling us that she knew everything we were going to tell her because 3 years ago she was about to get baptized but she didn´t because she had some doubts. We told her to tell us all of them and we resolved all of them and she told she already wants to get baptized! All you have to do is ask! Then there´s Gabriela, we went searching through the Area Book looking for people and we found her and her mother (a member who went inactive 16 years ago!). They received us and now they´re really pumped to go to church with us. They didn´t go because they left for somewhere this weekend but tonight we are going to a Family Home Evening with them. We also found Daniel and Juana. They´re a couple thats really cool and told us before they had never received the missionaries and that before they would shut the door on them. We taught them a really great lesson and were just full of questions that can be easily answered with the message of the Restoration. At the end of the lesson they asked me to pray in english and I said only if they pray in spanish! It was really hard for me, I think its been about a year since I´ve prayed in english! They also accepted a baptismal date and whenever they answered us it sounded like they were going to say know. When Daniel left, Juana told us she couldn´t believe that her husband accepted the invitation. They are in a really tough situation. They live in a one room house and all there is is a bed and they have 2 daughters but the daughters live somewhere else because they dont have enough to support them. The best part about it all is that they came to church and I think they are really excited to learn more! On Sunday we were knocking doors and we found a girl, Yessica, and she told us she was Atheist and stopped believing in God a long time ago. I asked her what she thought the purpose of life was. She told us God is all made up for people. I agreed its difficult to know when many people all use the Bible and its difficult to believe with only one witness. When we started she gave us lots of questions and was pretty stubborn. We slowly warmed up to her and we were testifying (sp?) like crazy back and forth. I gave her the salt example about how even though I can´t prove God is real with words or explanation I can know He is real (she couldn´t explain what salt tasted like :) ). We pulled out the Book of Mormon and told her about it and she said she is going to read it and when we come back she is going to have lots of questions! By the end (I think we were standing in her door for an hour and in the middle her mother came out and said if we could change her she would give us a big surprise haha) we were all laughing and making jokes and she asked us when we were going to come back. We´re excited to see what happens :) Well I gotta go now, I can´t wait to hear from you guys next week! I´m still workin with my camera stuff, the pics are there and I did what Dad suggested and it didn´t work. I´ll figure it out. If next week you see I´ve made an online purchase its a picture recovery program… yay.


Elder Singer

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