February 20th, 2011

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February 14th, 2011

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Elder Singer & Kingsford...twins?

Elder Singer & Kingsford...twins?

Elder's Singer, Kingsford, Carter

Elders' Carter, Singer, Kingsford

Very cool landscape somewhere in Argentina

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San Salvador Argentina

Dear Family,

Wow. This week was super intense and a blast! Thanks for everyone´s letters they were great and all the cool stuff you told me about Jimmer Fredette, is he a member? That would be sweet, I can´t believe BYU is doing so well, I sure hope they show up for March Madness that would be special. Wow march… I got to the mission about a year ago in march, kinda crazy to think about! It looks like I´m getting pretty old in the mission. Happy Valentine´s day btw, I didn´t even realize it was Valentine´s day until I got on my email! Grandma and Tasha asked me if the dog that was in my picture was alive or not, I´m pretty sure it was alive haha if it is dead,  its probably not laying there anymore. Dead dog is a pretty common horrible smell around here.

Anyways, my comp at the beginning of the week was delayed in his arrival and Elder Carter and I were comps for a couple of days it was a blast. He is from South Jordan too just like Tasha´s companion! Weird huh? We were told like 4 different times when my comp was going to arrive but it just kept getting pushed back but finally he got here on Wednesday night! His name is Elder Kingsford! He´s a way cool guy he´s a good example to me. Its weird we are a lot alike, he has glasses, he wrestled, went to BYU, worked lots of weird odd jobs, fun stuff like that. The cool thing about him is that he is half Mexican and he knows a ton of Spanish already because he studied there for 6 months in high school and lives really close to the border to Mexico in Arizona. He said like 90% of his high school was Mexican. Its been a little hard for him though because lots of the Argentine words are different from the Mexican words so sometimes he hears different stuff than we do and we have to explain it to him but yeah he´s pretty awesome. Also his first transfer of the mission he spent in Philadelphia because his visa didn´t come in but now he´s with me! Training is fun and its difficult because I always have to be making sure I´m being a good example to my companion but I think it helps me out more than it helps him. O btw, Elder Carter´s comp wont get here till the 22nd I believe so we have been in a trio working 2 areas. It has been really hard to be honest work wise but we have been having a blast we probably laugh a little too much to be honest with you. We´ve been writing down some of the funny stuff that has been happening, its great. Everytime Elder Kingsford asked a question and finds out a downset of something or something he´s not used to Elder Carter and I say “Welcome to Argentina!” I forgot how different it is here, I´m not gonna lie I´m pretty nervous to go back to the states, I do think my English has gotten a lot better this last week but I have been saying lots of ridiculous things that you wouldn´t say in the states.

With the work lots of great things are happening, there´s so much potential and great things that are about to happen we just have a couple more steps to take. I never thought working in 2 areas would be so hard because we have to help the investigators in my area and Elder Carter´s area to progress. We´ve been told “to bench” some people and work with some of the main ones that are progressing. We found a really cool guy named Felix and he had studied about different religions and when we taught him he accepted a baptismal date. When we went back later on in the week he had read 10 chapters of the Book of Mormon and read to us 1 Nephi 3:7 and how it really called his attention. We´ll see how he progresses. He came to english class but not church we´ll have to see what happens. Also, we got in contact with Daniel again because he came to a church activity! He seems really excited about coming to church. Lots of good things are happening here I hope I get to stay here in Chijra for one more transfer there are so many great things that are happening and I don´t want to leave! Elder Carter´s area is the other half of our branch and his area if full of really receptive people and its fun teaching with him, he´s one of the happiest guys I know and its super contagious.

Well I gotta go, I hope everyone has a great day! I love you guys!


Elder Singer