February 21st, 2011

Written by admin on February 21st, 2011

Dear Family,
Wow all this talk about BYU basketball is making me miss being there it sounds like Jimmer is taking over the world of basketball, that would be great to see BYU go far in the March Madness tournament! I really enjoyed everyone´s letters by the way, especially mom´s because she talked about what it was like to go to a Latino Ward, she described it pretty well and I thought it was funny what she said about how Bro Marin said they don´t care if you mess up. Its true actually, we have a running joke between the 3 of us how in the US its like a disgrace if you mess up but here I´m amazing because I play out of “the big book” (the normal hymn book haha). Its great having the electric piano though I´m learning lots of hymns really fast and it just takes a little time at morning and at night. I like how you recognized some words though Mom good job :) I read that part to my comps and they thought it was really funny. Also congrats to Tasha on the baptism! That was so cool and its great to see the changes that Jochen made in his life, I loved reading all your updates about him! I almost teared up when you told the story about how you bought the tie and shirt for him and about his testimony, what a special experience!
As I was saying, this week was another fun filled hardworking week with Elder Kingsford and Elder Carter. Lots of great things are happening and I have been trying to recognize the small miracles we see every day. We found some cool people this week and also a girl that lived in another part of Jujuy who listened to the missionaries before but then they got transferred and she was about to get baptized or something. Also we were fasting for some of our investigators and we saw some great changes in some of them. Gabriela the girl we were teaching a while back told us before she was just reading the Book of Mormon just to read it and because we would tell her too but now she feels something when she does and when she went to church. She says she has no doubts and feels good about her baptism, we just need to get her to church more! Also Teresa said that when she went to church, she felt a peace that she had never felt before whenever she went to other churchs and shes excited about getting baptized too! Do you remember Felix from last week? Alright he is already reading in 2 Nephi and he pulled out a ton of verses that he really liked he said he prayed about it and he said that when he prays about it he feels like he should keep on reading the Book of Mormon. It really is a powerful book. Thats about all I can remember right now but its really exciting to see all the great things that are going on. In Elder Carter´s area, there´s a family called the Ramoa family and 4 of them are about to get baptized we are really excited for them. We had lunch with them twice and they are all really excited about their baptism. Its exciting to see all the changes that many of the recent converts express to us and how much more peace and happiness they feel in their lives.
Funny story… We are told to take advantage to proselyte on Sundays and knock doors, its true too, its a good time to find people but the only problem is that the people that don´t want to listen all get super drunk. Anyways, we knocked a door the other day and this guy came out, he was pretty gone and he started to preach the “Word” to us and we were just trying to get out of there. Elder Carter went to shake his hand as we were leaving and the guy kissed Elder Carter´s hand and I was thinking no way not me and the guy shook my hand and I started to push down and pull my hand away and the guy stumbled and just about fell as he slobbered a kiss on my hand it was quite lovely… Lots of other funny stuff has happened too but I don´t have time to write it all of them. Also I got a letter from Clark too! It has been so long since I have heard from him, kinda sad, but can yall give me his address for the mission? He used a letter with his dad´s work address on it. Anyways it was really exciting to hear from him. He wrote me in Spanish too that was cool but being with Elder Kingsford is making me realize that Mexican Spanish is a lot different from Argentine Spanish. I´ve gotten really bad about writing people back, I need to get on that… Well, love you guys I hope everyone is doing great!

Elder Singer

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