tu eres mi hijo, y tengo una obra para ti (you are my son and I have a work for you)

Written by admin on February 7th, 2011

Nate if you see this tell us who this is.

Elder's Silva and Singer

Elder Singer and ?

Elder Singer and ?

Elder Singer at a bus station (Megan see the double decker bus?)

Elder Singer at a bus station (Megan see the double decker bus? Is that dog dead or alive?)

Dear Family,

Wow. This week has been quite an adventure! I really liked all of your letters, except I didnt get one from dad again this week! You alright dad? Anyways sounds like yall had a sweet “snow day” and a great week. Josh told me some news about the world about egypt and of anderson cooper getting jumped, send me a picture. You are all probably waiting for the exciting news of the week with what happened with transfers…… Im training!!! As they say in our mission, Im gonna have a kid! Im really excited too but I have no idea about who he is or what he´s going to be like but I think he will arrive tomorrow night, thats what theyre telling me. I called Elder Perez and I said youre gonna be a grandpa!! He laughed really hard and was excited to hear the news, he only has 6 weeks left, I dont know if Ill be able to see him before he goes.. I sure hope so! I hope you liked my voice recording by the way and the pics. The one of the bus and I is more for Megan because I remember that she asked me for a pic of the double decker buses that they have here and so I got one.

The work in our area is going really good I´ve been getting more and more excited to work here. Remember the family I told yall about last week that had the little girl that died? Not even with a reference we were just knocking doors in an area and we found more of the family members and more people who want to listen to us! It was really cool and we had 5 investigators in church which was exciting. We have 2 investigators that could probably get baptized this month, Gabriela and Teresa. Theyre both really great but unfortunately Teresa didnt go to church this week. Thats all about what happened this week other than a whole lot of goodbyes to Elder Silva. O yeah I forgot! This was so awesome! The mission sent me back to Salta to renew my visa and I thought I was the only one going but I got to see all the missionaries from my MTC group it was super exciting to talk to all of them and see how they have changed. Seeing Elder Ramos again was great, hes such a funny guy, but the only bad thing is that I didnt take any pictures when we went. Sorry my last 2 letters have been kinda short, its been a crazy couple of days. Elder Carter and I have been rearranging our rooms I dont know why but its been fun! O yeah and I bought a little electric piano that Im gonna use to practice more hymns and then sell at the end of the mission. That reminds me, mom your story about the missionaries and their experiences with their investigators depicted exactly how it is. My comp sits in the corner and I sit at the piano and the whole sacrament meeting we are giving each other thumbs up or pointing or giving the “call them” sign. Its a pretty stressful hour sometimes. This last Sunday, Elder Pizarro and Elder Silva said goodbye in their testimonies and it gave me memories of when I left Concepcion because they were both crying and this was their first area. That reminds me too, apparently all the the Flores Family (from Concepcion) tells all the missionaries that come in I can do 200 pushups without stopping because when I went to Salta a missionary came up to me and said “the famous Elder Singer! how many pushups can you do without stopping?” And I looked at him and I had no idea what he was talking about but then he told me that he was in Concepcion and then I busted up laughing. I think the Floreses asked me one time what I did for exercises and now thats what they tell people haha. Well it looks like I thought of more great stuff to write, I hope everyone has a great day, Im probably gonna send some more sweet pics next week because my comp gave me some of the pics that he has. I love you guys.


Elder Singer

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