¡Es el fin del mundo! (its the end of the world!)

Written by admin on March 27th, 2011

Dear Family,

This week was pretty good. I took a nap today because I was feeling a little out of it and now I feel so attentive and awake but not in the letter writing groove. Anyways I was glad to hear everyone had a great spring break. Also that Josh found a eagle project! Hurry man. I wish I could be there for March Madness it sounds pretty awesome all the hype that BYU is getting. I think its great when the church gets lots of attention in a good way it definitely piques a lot of people´s interests. I feel really bad about Tasha´s investigator thats got to be hard but Jochen is in our prayers. Also just so yall know I´ll be staying in Chijra for at least another transfer more with Elder Kingsford. I would put an exclamation point but it looks like that button doesn´t want to work today so although you can´t tell, at some points I am very enthusiastic.

Here´s the Felix update. I think he just realized that his baptism is this saturday, like he knew the date all along but I guess he didn´t realize it was coming up so close. Its alright though because ever since he read Alma 32 he just shakes off any feeling of doubt and says well I dont have to doubt anymore I´m really impressed by his faith. On saturday we got together with him and our ward mission leader Luis and Felix and they made lunch for the 4 of us and Felix shared his favorite scripture with us 2 Ne 25:23 it was really cool, its the one about receiving grace after all we can do. I´m glad I´m staying because before Sacrament meeting started Felix came up to me and asked me is it true that you are leaving? Luckily I´m staying I really wanted to stay to see him be baptized he is such an awesome guy. There are a ton of other great contacts that we have taught for the first time we will teach and we are really excited. We are supposed to be baptizing this week 2 of the boys from the family that had their sister die whenever she fell from the bed. When we started teaching them they were both really rebellious but we have been working hard with them and they are starting to calm down and they really like going to church. I feel bad for them because they said they picked on their sister before she died and so they blame themselves for what happened. We go over the plan of salvation a lot with them and have to teach it really simply so they can understand the power of the atonement. We had fun night and we taught some of the members to play signs it was a blast and I think about everyone caught on. Also I went on divisions with Elder Carrillo he´s a really cool guy and he told me all about living in a Mexican family in the US. It made me want to work in the Spanish branch.

You are probably all wondering why my email is titled the way it is, well people are starting to get pretty serious about the end of the world its really funny, even the members. This one sister that is less active hasn´t been coming to church and now she wants to come back because she is convinced that it is the end of the world. I don´t really know if it IS the end of the world but if it gets some people to come back to church, good thing. As a matter of fact all of the missionaries got to speak in church in Sunday. I spoke on how service brings us closer to Christ. It was really fun to talk and all I did was read some scriptures and ponder it as preparation and it turned out I thought pretty good. I really enjoy giving talks now, I tried to apply some techniques I learned in the Liahona about the best speakers. Speaking of speakers are yall excited about General Conference? I sure am, its like the Superbowl in the mission and I can´t wait to go with Felix and the members from our ward. During the sessions, all the gringo missionaries go to this room in the back and we watch conference in English. Well I gotta go now and teach the good word. I hope everyone is doing great and am hoping to tell the good news for next week. I love you all, thank you for the prayers and support.


Elder Singer

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