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Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Dear Family,
Well I think the best news that I have heard from you guys is that
Josh got into BYU!! Im not lying I literally jumped out of my chair when I saw
that I was so happy. That would be so cool if we could all go in together at the
same time! I just don´t think I´m gonna make it back for the winter semester
but I think I´ll definitely come up and stay with you guys for a bit!… Thats
probably a little ways away though :) I can´t believe Josh will be going to
college already… weird! It sure sounded like this last  week was an
adventure for everyone. This week was quite the adventure for me too there
is so much to tell! I was excited to hear the news about BYU winning so much
so thats cool. Also I think this will be one of Grandpa´s favorite emails
because I took pictures by the same statue that he did when he went to
humamarca! I saw it and I instantly recognized it from the picture he sent me!
Wow so as I was saying this week was another adventure. To start
off I´ll remind you about Felix. He went to church this week and he really
liked it. He said he had never been to a church before that helps you become a
better person. Also on Sunday morning he was about to start reading Alma! Its
so cool to see how far he has gotten in his reading in the Book of Mormon and
he marks it up and shows us all the parts he liked. It was awesome too in the
Principles of the Gospel class he was making lots of comments when we talked
about prophets. He named like 5 Book of Mormon prophets and he said what he
thought some of their main teachings were. He said he was impressed by the perseverance of Abinadi. Also the other investigators are doing good
but both Teresa and Gabriela didn´t go we aren´t sure why still. We are hoping
we will be able to contact them more frequently because we believe that Elder
Carter´s comp will arrive this week but we dont have any details.
This last week we probably worked the most in the other area too
because my comp and I got to be a part of the baptism in Elder Carter´s area.
Their name is the Ramoa Family and they are way awesome. We went by a whole lot
during the week to help them get ready for their baptism and teach them a
couple of more things. They had their interview on Friday and got baptized on Saturday.
I got to baptize Luis Fernando Ramoa and then I confirmed him the next day.
He´s the older looking son. It was a really fun experience and really special.
The next day we confirmed them and later at their house we talked to them and
they were really grateful and the mom and daughter were in tears. Mariana the
daughter started to cry and told us how good she felt when she got baptized.
She said she never thought she would be a person to go to church but after her
baptism she felt so good and that nothing else mattered and she was so happy
she made some of the changes that she did. I didn´t get to teach them as long
as Elder Carter did but I did meet them when we went on exchanges and they have
changed a lot.
Here´s the other crazy thing that happened in Elder Carter´s
area. There is a family, the Cruz family who makes like 50 pesos a day and
there is about 6 of them and they live day to day on that money because there
mother has drinking problems and nothing gets saved. Its a pretty bad habit of lots
of people here and it causes lots of problems for the family. Anyways, they
live in a house of cement blocks and all together the house was about 1230
pesos ($300) and the mom didn´t pay back any of the debt over the course of a
year and after many fights with the true owner of the house, the owner was
going to tear down the house and sell the blocks (this was on their contract).
We have been teaching the daughters of the family and we knew we had to help
them or they would have been homeless and the  mom got really stressed out
and started bawling. We started praying a bunch to figure out what to do for
them and we tried to make a deal with the owner. Not a whole lot was working
but then they found out their father would be able to send half of it to his
children and a member loaned them the other half. We basically did the conflict
resolution and we were able to find roofing for their house (from another
member that loaned it to us) because the owner was going to take that away too.
I´ll have to send pictures to yall next week of that but it was a great
experience. We ended all in smiles with both of the families shaking hands and
when we were walking away I said to Elder Carter “Elder… I feel all
tingley inside!” It was funny but it felt great to help them out! It made
me realize how blessed we are in our home and what a blessing is to have a
living prophet who helps us avoid such dangerous economic situations like this
one, and in so many other things. We also talked about Pres Monson´s talk the
divine gift of gratitude in church, he said the more we are grateful, the more
we will recognize how merciful our Heavenly Father is with his children. I love
you guys and I hope you all are doing great and making the Lord´s priorities,
your priorities, its the easiest way to live a happy life :)

Elder Singer