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Felixs baptism!!

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Dear Family,

Well it looks like this week is the apostrophe key that doesnt want to work just so yall know for the mistakes. Anyways, this week was great!! Super stressful but awesome! Ill get to the details a little later but thanks everyone for the letters. It seems like Dad has a lot of time on his hands or is making really good use of it, I was thinking that I could do some sort of pushup competition with Dad because I need some more motivation, Im exercising but not as good as I should. Ive been in denial but the other missionaries keep tellin me Im fatter, I still dont think so… ok maybe a little bit. I was quite intrigued by dads Bible discussion and it motivated me to read some more of the Bible. I started reading acts and Im hilighting all of the evidences of the Ancient church of Christ and of the Doctrine of Christ. Its really quite interesting that if you really sit down and read the Bible it just yells in your face about the apostasy that is to come. I think a lot of times people try to escape that idea, but the the true seekers of the truth will find it, like Felix!

About this last week, I didnt tell yall a whole lot about these other 2 kids (there names are Augustine and Ezekiel) that we were teaching but we have been working really hard with them and their family since the death of their little sister. They were all kind of really struggling but since we started teaching them they were starting to feel a little better. They come from a pretty sad situation and weve really been working to love them because they dont have that kind of support. Now they think we are the coolest and all their little friends run up to shake our hands all the time. Both of them say they want to be missionaries… if they come back from the war alive. Haha thats what they tell me all the time. Also about Felix, we went by him every day the last week because it always seems like Satan is working harder on the people who are ready to be baptized and especially after what happened the other week when he got a little depressed. We taught him a couple of other things and we met his dad and when we were there he told his dad how excited he was to get baptized. This is a pretty interesting story too, his mom Ana told me that 3 times he was going to get baptized in the Catholic church but it seemed like something would happen every time and he never did. Apparently Felix also told to some other members that he wanted to serve a mission. I think that would be so cool, he also really wants to go to the temple. We had the interview for the 3 people and then on Friday we had the baptismal service on Saturday. The spirit was really strong there and the talks were great. I got to baptize Felix and Augustine (the younger one) and then I confirmed Ezekiel the next day. After Felix got baptized he said it was the best feeling he had ever felt in his entire life. I love it because he just fits right in in every way. The people, his testimony, everything, its what he was looking for for so long! He said he would go to lots of other churches and always said something is missing… Ana told us also for so long she was praying that someone would come and help her son out because he was going through a really hard time in his life and apparently we showed up the next day! Isnt that cool?! We are also going to keep teaching his mom, she really wants to go too, I think its because she is a little fragile and its starting to get cold again but she did come to his baptism so that was good. Basically, Felix is the man and teaching him was the best! I think he will make a great story.

Also we found some really awesome people this week! There were two less active families that contacted us and want to reactivate and have family members that are interested in the church too! It was great, I dont have time to tell the stories but it was way awesome too! I hope everyone has a great week and that you take good notes and tell me what your favorite conference talk was!!


Elder Singer