Felix is my hero!

Written by admin on March 27th, 2011

Dear Family,

Loved this weeks letters! Luckily the website permitted me to see the video of Josh playing waterfall and I thought it was awesome! You are the man Josh! You made me proud and I can´t stop thinkin about how we could be at BYU together thats going to be so cool man! I thought that was pretty sad with what happened to the BYU team but hopefully that doesn´t cause too much problems. I was blown away at the stats from Jimmer again, pretty incredible guy, I hope he stays playing at BYU before he goes pro when I come back. Anyways, I have lots of great news for everyone and some good stories to tell. Also I would like to say to some of the friends that have written me that they have not been forgotten… I will get to writing them soon…er or later… :) We have been quite busy actually. We went to the chapel to learn some breakdancing moves in the cultural hall today! It was pretty hard because I´m still pretty inflexible but I´m gonna try to get better at that. Sounds kinda random, breakdancing, but it turns out that Elder Carter´s comp got here Wednesday night and he´s from Tennessee, he´s a breakdancer (sorry, its B BOY just so you know). We went to the chapel and he taught us some stuff along with one of their investigators because he´s trying to learn it looks like.

About the week, we had to part ways from the Trio this week and we had our last 3 days together this week and we ended it with our fun night. Fun Night (Noche Divertida) was started by us and its basically an FHE but we changed the name so more people would go. We had to team up in groups by animal noises with our eyes closed and I was assigned the cow. It turns out that no one did it because they were too embarrassed and I was in the middle of a big circle Mooing all alone and Elder Carter kept mooing to keep me going. I think I was standing there for a good 30 seconds before I realized I was the only participant. When I opened my eyes I realized all of the laughter was for what I was doing. I imagine it was quite a sight. Down to more serious stuff… we were walking and this Policeman called me over and we went and talked to him and he talked to us for 5 minutes about how we need transmit to youth that suicide isn´t the way out and I really felt like he was just wasting my time, a lot of people just like to talk here. Thats what I said to my comp and he told me, “well, everything happens for a reason…” 5 minutes later up the road, we run into a woman from Bolivia who had gone inactive a while back and she said she wanted us to come to her house and she had 3 kids that wanted to get baptized that were about to but they moved and lost contact with the missionaries! It was awesome, we haven´t been able to teach them yet but we were able to take 2 of the sons to church and they were asking me when they were going to come back after. We having been especially working in one area and all of the people that are from Bolivia treat us really well. We were able to find another huge family that listened to the sister missionaries in another part of Jujuy and apparently they had been reading the Book of Mormon! Our mission goal is 9 (used to be 8) and we found 14 new investigators this week!

Well, here´s the part you have all been waiting for, Felix! He is the man, as of yesterday he is in 3 Nephi 19 and he loves the Book of Mormon! To start off he has been facing some opposition from other family members and they told him to not read it and he was also reading on the internet about people who tried to prove false the Book of Mormon and I got a little nervous and then he said, I just thought why not? why couldn´t it be true? And then he said after he read Alma 32 he said he didn´t have to doubt any more, he just needed to search for that light and let his seed of faith grow! This was cool too, we asked at the end of one of our lessons if there was anything we could do for him and he said that he doesn´t have any nice clothes and was wondering if we could get him anything. Elder Kingsford gave him a shirt and I gave him one of my pairs of pants that I haven´t used and he was at church before we were and I could tell he was really happy to be there. The testimonies at church were great and at the end he came up to me and said “Man I´ve never been to a place like this where I have felt such a peace. There are so many terrible things going on outside in the world but when I come here its like a refuge from the world.” Then I told him, “Exactly thats why we want everyone to come here so bad!” and then he said to me, “Will you baptize me?” I felt really special in that moment. The thing about finding guys like him I just feel so blessed that the Lord ever placed him in our path. We just showed up and said what we needed to say, gave him the Book of Mormon, and Felix basically did the rest. I really hope I stay the next transfer. Ana his mom has been sick and we gave her a blessing, she got a lot better but still didn´t feel up to going to church. I think the best thing about teaching Felix is to see the change in his countenance because he has finally found what he has looked for for so long and now he is realizing it. Him and his mom are really poor, they live in a one room house, its probably the size of Megan´s room, and he asked me about Tithing. We explained it to him and then at the end I did the commitment and he said of course he would pay his tithing. O something I forgot, with the Book of Mormon he has made like a personal study guide with questions and answers of things he has found. He also said about the Book of Mormon that he has never read something so powerful that talks so much about helping out our fellow man. Thats about all I can remember but he is amazing huh? Thanks for all of your emails again, also from Grandma and Grandpa they were excited to see that Grandpa and I visited the same places. Btw, I have been parting my hair all week, Elder Kingsford convinced me to do it haha, unfortunately this morning I gave myself a buzz but I hope you like the parted doo look :) I love you guys!


Elder Singer

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