March 14, 2011

Written by admin on March 27th, 2011

Dear Family,

Hey how´s everyone doing? I´m not complaining but I do believe that this was the least amount of letters I´ve ever had… but like Josh said… its cool. Sorry if this letter isn´t the most coherent, there are all these little crazy kids around me blasting music as always. Anyways, sounds like everyone is doing good and Tasha is holding up alright despite the opposition with Jochen, we had something similar happen but luckily on a lot smaller scale. The Alamo picture was pretty impressive, unfortunately this last week was short of family fun pictures, lately we have developed an obsession with taking macro pics with bugs we kill and then zoom in to see all of the fun details! Haha and the one with the tribal sun is Elder Kingsford doing an ancient Lamanite ritual dance, one day I´ll have to show yall the video.

I´ll start off with a story I forgot to tell last week. As I told you all, it was carnival (and continued all of the following week) and there were lots of drunk guys running around. This guy basically told us that he wanted our money and he was following us and yelling stuff at us. He was getting closer and closer within reach and further to our left up on a shallow ridge these 2 really drunk guys covered in mud ran down and grabbed the guy and didn´t let him follow us anymore. It was really really odd and I was just at loss for words as to why these drunk guys would help us out. I guess that just goes to show that the Lord will use whatever means to protect His missionaries, even the drunk guys…

About this last week, we had our ups and downs, we had a great zone conference this last week by the way! I can tell President Northcutt is going to be really sad to leave us all. O and this was fun, I got a call on Sunday night and they asked me to play If You Could Hie to Kolob on the piano to accompany another missionary and I said I would. I don´t think I have ever played a song so many times over and over in my life, I had never played it before, but by the time Wednesday came around I think it turned out pretty good. I was super nervous though and Sister Northcutt came up to me and congratulated me and said “O thats right you DO play piano!” I´m really going to miss Pres. and Sis. Northcutt, I have never known people (personally I guess) who work so hard like they do to serve the Lord.

The day after zone conference we did what we call a white storm and all of the companionships in our district go work in the same area. It was pretty fun and we did like a bingo that had funny random things to do like sing hymn 50, knock a green door, set a baptismal date for the 16th of April etc. It turned out pretty successful and we found some pretty interesting people too.

Update on the investigators. Felix finished the Book of Mormon!!! He was way awesome this last week, he is really starting to have a great love for the gospel. He said that he always believed that there was something beyond this life and know he knows! I thought that was so cool! He continues to have lots of questions but its great because he believes everything we tell him. On Saturday night he came to English class and had lots of fun and we told him we would see him at church. The night before church it rained like crazy and it got really cold over night and kept raining all through church. The amount of people in church was probably cut in half and Felix didn´t come. We went to visit him later and he was still laying in bed. We started joking around with him to make him feel a little more happy and then we asked him if something was wrong because I could tell he was feeling a little down. He then told us that he had some sort of girlfriend type of thing and had told her a couple of times about the church and how exciting the changes he was going through were and she told him if he chose this path, she would eventually have to leave him. We don´t really know why but luckily Felix was willing to except that. We talked about the Joseph Smith story and about all the opposition he would have to face to come to know the truth and he really liked that and then we talked about the power of putting on the full armor of God. I can´t remember exactly where it is but also Christ in one of the Gospels explained that when he came, he did not come to make peace but that he came with the sword. He further explains that there would be separation of families because of the Gospel. When I first read that I thought that that couldn´t be but being in the mission we find that this is very true. There will come a day when everyone will have to use their agency to accept or reject the Gospel and inside the family unit, there will be people who choose both ways and it will cause divisions. At the end of the discussion I think it helped him a lot but I was just really proud of him that he stood his ground and held on to what he knew was right. He said lately he has felt really worried about all of his family and friends whether or not they would accept or reject the Gospel and that this was something that he had never felt before. We told him that his worry was a divine worry and thats why God has missionaries. I hope this will be some of his first steps to serving a mission, he could still do it I think he is 22. Anyways I´m just about out of time. I started working on some of the letters I need to write people back. Elder Perez is going home this week and I wrote him a letter of gratitude, he is such a great guy I can´t believe how fast the time has gone! I love you all and I hope all is well!


Elder Singer

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